Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Updates!

So I figure it's time for a little updating in different random areas of my life. So instead of doing a whole bunch of separate posts, I thought I would put it altogether in one post titled random updates!

No, no further update on our kitchen renovation that we started back in, uh hum, August. I just asked Chris about it last night and he told me to tell all of you that as soon as he shoots a big buck, he will finish it. Oh, and that he does have everything he needs to finish it too, but again, deer hunting takes precendent! Thank goodness December 31st is coming soon!

Confession: I ran my 5K almost a month ago and besides a few things here or there, I haven't really exercised. Like my sister, I keep coming up with too many excuses or push it aside in lieu of doing something else. Unlike my sister, I do not have my dad's metabolism and breastfeeding makes me hang onto those last 10 lbs. that I am so desperate to lose. Grr!! I had every intention of starting Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred last week, I even posted that I was on facebook, but something came up and I never did. Maybe tonight I will? I figure if I blog it, you all have to hold me accountable. Remember the tootsie roll addiction? It's no more thanks to getting it out in the open! Just don't ask me about my new love of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, ok?

I think that's it, and I must go because while I typically blog at night when all the girls are asleep , today I decided to blog during the girls naptime, except Xiomara isn't napping, she is sitting in the swing next to me and just started fussing! And in the time it took me to finish editing this and post it, I got Xiomara down. Meridian is now eating a cookie sitting on my lap pointing to the picture of the Cheddar Bunnies and asking for some. Oh and look at that, Zoelle is up! Now I remember why I never blog during the day. Besides the fact that it would take time away from them, I'd never get anything accomplished seeing it took me practically the whole nap time to type this up.



  1. Your house renovation projects are further along than ours! And taking less time also.

    Funny, I always thought those Cheddar Bunnies were for the girls. ;-)

  2. Very true Gen. Still, I wish they were done.

    I always thought those Cheddar Bunnies were for the girls too, until I took my first bite! ;)


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