Monday, January 12, 2015

My Phrase For 2015

2015 is here and I'm just now eking out my first blog post of the new year! Yay me!

I haven't felt the need to blog before now and since blogging is an outlet for me, I don't blog unless I need that outlet or feel led to do so. Since Friday I have felt very strongly that I needed to blog, specifically sharing the phrase I want to live out in 2015.

While some people have a certain word that is their goal for the year, I tend to focus on a phrase.

Last year, I felt SO strongly that I was to live my life out through a quote by Vincent Van Gogh (side note: he has always been my favorite artist).

I never blogged about it, and except for one small post on Valentine's Day via Instagram & then Facebook, no one would have ever known it was my phrase to live by last year. It permeated my life so completely that everything I did with my husband, my kids, my friendships, etc. this phrase was in the back of my mind. And guess what? Although it permeated my thoughts, I often failed it. Miserably.

And that's ok.

Because other times I was hugely successful in this area. In fact, it has stuck with me so much that I am almost positive I will be getting it made into a tattoo, once I figure out where I want to have it placed (suggestions anyone?).

This year, my phrase to live out my life is just for me. Well maybe not just for me, because I'm obviously sharing it here and I'm doing so for a reason: I feel I'm supposed to. I have not idea why. Maybe someone reading this needs to hear this in their own life. Or maybe, I just need to type it out so I'll never forget it and it will ingrain into my mind and my life.

I had this canvas made after wanting this verse over my piano for several years now. It's one of my favorite Bible verses ever because as a musician, who can't imagine her life without singing, the thought of God singing over me makes me smile. It's printed on one of my absolute favorite worship songs (click to listen to song) that has sustained me and given me peace many times over the years.

I know that You are for me
I know that You are for me
I know that You will never
Forsake me in my weaknesses
I know that You have come now
Even if to write upon my heart
To remind me who You are

To have those words hanging over my piano is a sort of declaration that God is for me, for my house, and that no matter what He is sustaining me.

I could think of nothing better than to put my favorite worship song as the backdrop to my favorite Bible verse. I never intended this to become my phrase, in fact I fully had in my mind another phrase for this year, but the more I kept noticing it, the more a certain phrase kept jumping out at me as I played piano, as I walked around my house, and as I went about life.

"He will quiet you with his love"

And I knew it. I knew that was my phrase to live out in 2015. See, I haven't always been quiet. I'm full of opinions and quiet has never been a strong suite of mine. But more than that, I figure maybe I had to learn to love others in 2014 in order to feel myself quieted by God's love in 2015. That phrase brings about peace for me, and if I'm honest, there hasn't been a lot of peace in my life this last year. I find myself getting frustrated with my girls over the smallest things, nit picking my husband over something silly, and criticizing myself (and oh how not quiet we all know that can be).

To be quiet means to be still, to be silent, or to be calm.

All things I desperately could use in my life!

And so, this year I determine to be quieted into His love. To realize that LOVE doesn't have to be loud. 

So here is to a silent, calm, still 2015!

Do you have a phrase, word or goal for 2015? Feel free to share with me in the comments if you do.