Friday, December 10, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Me at 1 month old

Today is my birthday. I'm 27. I feel incredibly old at 27 because I still feel like I'm somewhere around 16 or 17. That was the age I met my husband and I am in disbelief that it has been ten years! Wow!

Me at 6 months old

So today, Chris took the day off of work, let me sleep in, and we have been hanging out all day. By the time this posts tonight (at the exact time I was born), I will be at a Christmas party for my young married group at church. Typically I don't like to spend my birthday away from my girls, but I made an exception for our young married group as I really enjoy going. We will celebrate tomorrow with the girls by eating my favorite meal (spaghetti), and making chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, and sprinkles on top (thanks mom for that idea years ago)! :)

Me at 8 months old

For the fun of it, I thought I'd post these baby pictures of myself so you can see how cute I was! Also, do you think the girls look like me at all? When Zoelle was a baby, we only got that she looked so much like Chris. Now that she is older, I get that she looks so much like me. Meridian has since day one been told she looked like neither one of us, but as she got older looked more like Chris. Personally, I think she looks just like I did except with blonde hair, blue eyes. Not to leave Xiomara out, I will say that there are times that Chris and I both look at her and think she looks like or has the same expressions as one of the other girls did at that age.

Me at one year old

Alright, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day!

Me at three years old

What do you do to celebrate your birthday? Do you have a hard time getting older or do you take it in stride?


  1. When I saw you at 8 months old the first thing I thought was Meridian! However, the older ones look like Zoelle. Isn't it fun how kids are a conglomeration of you and your hubby? And yet their own individual self as well.

  2. Yes, the 8 month old pictures of me is the one that looks just like Meridian! I only posted up until 3 as that is the age that Zoelle is now so I thought it would be a good comparison. I still don't see that she looks like me, but I'm not sure she looks like Chris either. It is strange how they can be both such a part of us and yet all their own person! :)

  3. I thought the exact same thing as Rachel!! MERIDIAN!!!!

    Happy Birthday, SO glad you were born!!

  4. Yes Meridian all the way! :) Thank you Genevieve!

  5. I LOVE my birthday. I celebrate the WHOLE week before the actual day! I always celebrate with my boys too, it's just something I prefer. And as far as getting old...I LOVE IT! The older I get, the sooner I will get to become a grandma, and that's one of my main goals in life, I CANT WAIT!!!

  6. Salena-I actually love it too. Is it bad to admit that? I enjoy being spoiled and loved on by my hubby. I think I'll be ok getting old, just not aging. Ha! Maybe I'll write a post about that someday.

  7. your only as old as you feel :) not look!


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