Thursday, December 2, 2010

A relaxing afternoon

I got my hair done today at a salon. It was so nice! As much as I'm loving life right now, it was good to get away. I've been feeling myself stressed. I've been a bit short with the girls, and especially my Zoelle (who is so much like me).

Meridian too has been extra clingy lately and really seems to have a hard time with separation anxiety (day or night). I never had this with Zoelle as she was miss independent. Meridian wants to be held all day everyday. I'm thinking this may have to do with two year molars coming in (see her fingers in the picture?). I love to hold her but sometimes my arms need a break. So today it was nice to know dad got special time with her.

It was even nice to get away from my little Xiomara. Although she hardly makes a peep and is so cheerful, it was nice to just be alone in peace and quiet with not even a quiet, tiny babe to tend to.

I think sometimes as a mom it's so easy to put ourselves as last. We give, give, give all day everyday (and many times at night). It feels wonderful to give, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But an afternoon (or day) of pampering every once and awhile is worth it. To have my hair fixed up and drink a cup of tea while chatting with another adult, well it soothed my soul. It was just what I needed. Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up to these three beautiful faces and feel refreshed and renewed to start again.

How about you, do you ever get out for a day to relax? If you do, what do you do?


  1. Beautiful girls, all 4 of you!

    I don't get away too often, but with one, it's not so hard to find alone time. :-)

  2. Thank you! :) Take advantage of those times you can get away. Even with just one, it's important.

  3. I love getting my hair done. I workout 3 nights a week, that's awesome for me. And usually if I can swing it, I get to sit in my car and read a magazine ALONE while Ethan's at piano, that's heavenly for me :)

  4. Salena-Definitely working out is a break too. I never thought I'd say that, but trying to work out here is hard and I don't get a break then. Reading a book/magazine in the car sounds heavenly! Great idea!


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