Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three Months Later

Sometimes life goes faster than any of us would like to think. I feel that way now especially as I approach my late 20's and think about my 30's. Perhaps it is because of everything happening in Japan. I keep asking myself, am I really enjoying every moment with my family? Am I giving it my all when I am with them? Am I depositing into their lives what I want them to know so they can successfully grow up and be all they can be in Christ?

If I'm truthful, I think that answer is no.

Here I am three months into the new year and three months after posting this.

Do I feel as if I've changed? Somewhat.

But I'm not satisfied with somewhat.

I want to really know my husband and understand what drives him each day. What are his passions?

I want to really know my girl who made me mommy. What makes her light up and what makes her frustrated? What can I do that will make each day special for her?

I want to really know the power behind the mischief in Meridian. What makes her so funny and how does she continue to make us laugh time and time again?

I want to get down on the floor more often and play peek-a-boo with my baby. To hear that giggle and know that I brought that smile to her face.

It's not naturally in me. I'm not a play on the floor type of mom, I'm more of a snuggle and read a book mom. But I'm determined to try and try harder. Because life really is too short. These 18 years with my girls are all I have to truly impart in their lives. To impact their life for the better. Who I am will directly reflect who they are one day.

So for the next 9 months I want to do better. Do more. Be more. I want my girls to look back on this year as the year mama changed. For the better.

P.S. Isn't Chris' long hair looking nice?!? :)

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