Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pink Eye, Computers, & Giveaways

In case you aren't following me on Facebook, I've been talking about an awesome giveaway I have coming up here in March. This is a rather big item and I wanted to do a two week run on the item, thus I was hoping to get the post up today. My intentions started out great until I woke up to Zoelle with a pink eye. Going to and from her doctor's appointment an hour away on icy roads left me exhausted and I never got the post up.

I'm going to take a look and see when I can fit it in, but in the meantime, my computer broke! Gahh! I am hoping we can get it fixed tomorrow. Right now I'm blogging from hubby's computer, but all my info/pictures/etc. are on my computer so this will be interesting.

Hang in there and I'll be back as soon as possible!

P.S. Even though I hate doing posts with out a picture, I figured I could make an exception to this post as you really don't want to see my poor little girl's mattery eyes. :(


Feel free to share any jewels or treasures in your comments to me. :)