Monday, March 7, 2011

8 Months

Yesterday, she turned 8 months old.

I say this every month, but it seems like just yesterday we were down in hot Georgia about to meet our little girl for the very first time. Sometimes, it almost seems surreal.

I know I don't often blog here about our adoption, but if you do ever want to read more on our adoption, feel free to visit our adoption blog: On Our Hearts. I talk more in depth about our journey to adoption and various challenges we have faced since then.

As for this girl. She is still doing her worm crawl, but also has figured out how to get up on her hands and knees and she just rocks back and forth and smiles. Another new thing she loves to do is click her tongue. She often does it to get our attention and then smiles her huge smile when she realizes it worked! :) In addition to all of this, she also learned to sit up on her own. I still don't leave her unattended doing that as she is a bit wobbly, but it sure is cute to see how proud she is sitting up like a big girl.

Yesterday she had her first bites of food-avacado, and she loved it! Oh and don't worry, she got a bath right after this picture was taken! ;)


  1. Happy 8 months, beautiful girl! I love you!!

    (I can't believe how messy she got from the avocado!)

  2. She is getting so big and she is just adorable! Those big eyes just make me smile!! What a beauty!

  3. Gen-I know right? She got super messy and tends to do that each time she eats! :)

    Salena-Thanks! :)

    Ali-Thanks so much! I love her big eyes. They light up the room! :)

  4. Happy 8 months... boy it goes by fast. Mine is 7 months... I keep thinking....what happened to my baby??

  5. Thanks! :) It does go so quickly!

  6. Aww what a cutie! Happy 8 months! :)

  7. She is beautiful! Happy 8 Months =) I have a little girl that is one month older than yours!
    I am going to go read your adoption blog... thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks K. Happy 9 months to your little girl! It goes so fast!


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