Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Week (with no pictures)

Wow! What a week! Or should I say what a winter?!? Seriously, for me this has been one of the worst winters I can remember. It's been long, filled with snow, cold, more snow, and did I mention snow? The good news on the winter front is that next week is looking warmer here so we can maybe get outside, the sun will hopefully shine, and maybe just maybe, some of that snow will melt. I for one am ready for Spring!

While the winter has been long for me, more than anything I am looking forward to Spring in the hopes of no longer having a sick family. As I've blogged about before, this winter we got hit pretty hard with sickness. Two times with the stomach bug, two times with colds, pink eye, and now this week I came down with a sinus infection.

I chronically get sinus infections and always have since I was quite young. I get about one a year. This one though was the worst I can ever remember. Monday morning, I tried getting out of bed and couldn't even think straight. My head was pounding, pain was radiating all over my face, and even in my ears. Thankfully, Chris was able to stay home with me thinking that by Tuesday I would be better. Well I wasn't. By Wednesday, my head realized this was more than just a common cold and I went in to the doctor. On the way there we got a flat tire, with three over-tired kids in the backseat. I'll spare you all the details of the rest of my week, but let's just say that I wore the same outfit all week, no laundry got done, and my girls had to watch a lot of T.V. when dad wasn't here to help watch them.

All that to say that even though today is suppose to be photo share Saturday, I took no photos this week. I hope to be back to my 100% normal self soon and next Saturday be able to share a new photo with you. In addition, my health seems to be a petty issue compared to those who are suffering in Japan. My heart and prayers go out to you!

Also, I'd love to hear any tricks to keep sickness at bay all winter long? Or at least minimize it? Also, do any of you get chronic sinus infections? Have you found any good cures to ward them off? Tell me your thoughts on the dreaded surgery too? I want to hear it all!


  1. I'm sorry your week was so sucky! I'm just a phone call away! Even if it's taking the girls for a few hours or a meal, don't be afraid to call! I didn't know you were that sick...

  2. Aww thanks Gen. I didn't want to get you or India sick just in case it was something more serious. Thank you so much though. It did help that Chris was able to be home for the majority of the time. Don't think I could have done it without him!

  3. Sorry to hear... I don't do anything special to keep sickness at bay. I breastfeed, take my vitamins give lo vitamins if he is stuffy. I think we/he have had 2 little cold in 7 months.

  4. Yeah pretty sure I'm lacking in the vitamin department. They always make me sick, or I run out and forget to buy more. I try to make it up by eating lots of fruits/veggies...but...I don't know!

  5. I'm sure you do it anyways, but washing hands, especially Roger when he got home from work or school was the biggest difference in our winter sickness!
    Also, my children believe in eating things off the floor like candy. I just convince myself that it builds up their immunity system since I can never catch Caleb in time from eating candy off the store floor with his mouth!!! :)
    Must work, we all have been healthy this winter!!! ;)

  6. Haha! Your post made me laugh Charlene! :) Silly Caleb. Yes we do wash hands lots. Maybe it was just a really tough winter for everyone around here?!? Hopefully it's done now!


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