Saturday, March 5, 2011

This Week Captured

So this week I didn't have a specific theme or thing to work on in my photography. We had a bit of a rough week with Zoelle getting pink eye, and then Chris getting sick. Yet in the midst of all that I was able to get a few pictures that I adore.

I realize this picture is completely out of focus and the lighting is bad (I did not edit this shot at all). Despite all that though, I love this picture because Zoelle is just SO happy. It captures her giggle and I can hear it through the lens.

This picture of Meridian isn't perfect either by any means. But again, sometimes photography isn't about being perfect but about capturing the moment and this moment of intensity for her Little People set was one I didn't want to miss!

Lastly, this smile captures Xiomara to the max. I love it (and her)!

Obviously I need to work on my focus. I'm just having a hard time doing so with fast moving little girls, and low light (thus a slower shutter speed). Any advice? Also, I'm looking for recommendations on what to buy if you had roughly $200 to spend on camera accessories, lenses, etc.?

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