Monday, April 19, 2010

You are 11 months now

Hi Mer Mer,

You are 11 months now! It seems almost unbelievable that we are quickly approaching your first birthday. Is it really possible for you to be one? Sometimes I actually forget that you are that close to being one as you are tiny and oh so quiet.

You did have a language explosion this month in that all of a sudden you started talking non-stop. Everything you see you look at us and say "dat?" meaning "what's that?". We always tell you what it is and then you slowly have learned to repeat things. Your sister at this age said A LOT of words and you are definitely quieter which is different for us, but you still can say quite a bit. I'm sure I've actually forgetten some of what you have said, but here is what I have remembered:

Addie (your Papa and Grandma Lisa's dog), glasses, cat, hot, grandma, mama, dada, doll, all done, you can sign and say eat, you can sign and say sleep (nigh-nigh). But my favorite, oh my absolute favorite is how you say Zoelle! I remember when I was pregnant with you, I told daddy I couldn't wait to see how you would say your big sister's name. Well, this month you have finally done so. Each morning when you wake up, the very first thing you ask me is where Ah-well (Zoelle) is and then when you see her you screech so loud and smile so wide it melts my heart!

You are not walking yet. But, I didn't expect you to be either as Z was a late walker/early talker, so I am expecting the same of you. Of course, you are different, but so far, that seems to be what we are seeing. You have however, just as of yesterday, started squating on the floor. I know that means that fairly soon you will be standing up on your own in the middle of a room. It will make me smile with tears in my eyes because once you walk it's over baby  big girl. You will be big  just like that.

Today though you are still my baby, still little and I'll enjoy you for one more month as my baby girl. I'll hold you just a bit longer and stare at you just a little more because once I blink, that moment will be gone and you will be one.

I love you pumpkin!

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