Sunday, April 18, 2010

Only 1 more month...

Sweet little Z, in only one month you will be 3. Wow! Just wow! It seems like yesterday that I pushed you out after a too many hours to count labor. You are everything I thought you would be and more! You are spirited, spunky, and sensitive. And even though you challenge me at times (which you are suppose to and all being that you are my firstborn), I love you and hope that you never change! Keep your spunk, your spirit, your sensitivity and most of all that sweetness. It's what makes you you, and I like that. Happy last month of being 2 honey!! I'm cherishing every minute because 3 is way too grown up!


  1. Age 3 is so fun! I'm really enjoying it with my firstborn. She is so assertive and communicates so openly. :)

  2. I'm really looking forward to 3 as well Stephanie! I've heard wonderful things about 3 and even though I'll miss 2, I'm going to try and cherish 3 more than I did 2. :)


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