Friday, April 9, 2010

Sick Girls

I have been noticibly quiet this week. So quiet that the many blog reviews and giveaways I have to do, haven't gotten done. I apologize for that. If you are a company waiting on me to do a review, please accept my apologies. My girls have gotten sick this week and I haven't gotten anything done. Tonight alone, both girls have been awake more than Chris and I could probably count. We are running back and forth to each of them constantly. We have been so blessed this year in that over the winter neither of our girls got sick. However, this cold has really hit them hard. I am praying it is over with quickly and we can get back to normal around here. I hate seeing them sick and knowing there is not much I can do about it. Pray for peaceful sleep tonight and a quick recovery for them. I want to see these smiling faces again!


  1. So sorry that your little girls are sick! I hope they get over those colds lickety split!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! They are much better now! It took about a week, but I think we are all well! Praise God! :)


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