Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I haven't been neglecting my blogs on purpose, and yet somehow they have sat virtually untouched. I have so many things I want to blog about both here and on our adoption blog, but I haven't found the time to do so. What have I been doing?

Well besides playing outside, going on walks, drinking tea, and eating play food, I have been preparing for a birthday party and a baby shower. Whose birthday? My two precious little girls. I can hardly believe they will be three and one! Time truly goes quickly. We are in the midst of figuring out what they will wear, what we will bake (that one is staying a surprise until later), and how we will pull it all off all while taking care of two little adorable girls! I'll keep you updated as we get closer (or maybe I won't if it gets too busy) on the party and I'll definitely take pictures to share!

I bet you are all wondering whose baby shower it is I am planning for then? It's in celebration of my little niece or nephew who is due to arrive in July. I will be throwing my sister an eco-friendly and organic shower for her at the end of May. May is a very busy month for me! I'm so happy to throw her a shower that is unique just like her. I'm looking for a good dessert recipe that goes with the theme of eco-friendly and organic, so if any of you have any, please send them my way!

Lastly, this month I will be taking a few different continuing education classes so that I can keep my Elementary Education license up to date. I worked hard for it and even though I am not teaching now, I may one day want to and I don't want to have to scramble to get my license up to date then.

For now, I'm off but don't forget to enter the NUK Genius Pacifier giveaway (all 15 minutes of it left) and the DevaCurl Travel Pack giveaway. Stay tuned for more great reviews and giveaways to come!


  1. I'm sorry that you are overwhelmed!! You are doing a lot right now, and hopefully things are smoothing out as time nears for all these events. I'm SO thankful for all the work you are doing for my shower & I know you have great things planned for it & I'm going to love it, no matter what! Seriously, I ask Dallas every other day, "what would I do if I didn't have my sister?" You have been SO generous with your time & efforts! I love you!

  2. Oh don't worry a bit Gen! I'm actually more overwhelmed with the girls birthday then your shower. I love you and I am so happy to throw this shower for you and that little babe! I dream about that babe everyday. Seriously, I am majorly excited to meet him/her. Don't worry about me...I'm feeling much more organized and less overwhelmed now!


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