Friday, March 30, 2012

Meet my mother-in-law

I have an incredible mother-in-law. While most women dislike their mother-in-laws I feel lucky to have a mother-in-law whom I not only love, but get along with.

She raised my husband and his older sister as a single mom for most of their growing up years. Not only that, but she did a wonderful job at it. I remember when I first started dating my husband I was super nervous to meet her, but she welcomed me with loving arms and I saw such a respect from Chris towards her.

Even though I probably haven't been the daughter-in-law that she imagined her son to marry, she has accepted my different ways as both a wife and mother. Not only that, but she encourages me, does the research as well, and supports me.

Grandma Cindy, Grandpa Tim, and Auntie Katie, at the girls' birthday party last year!
As a mom, my desire has always been for my girls to have grandparents that just adore and love them. Thankfully they do have that, and my mother-in-law is one of them. She often drops whatever she is doing to watch the girls. She giggles with them, plays on the floor, does their nails, make-up, reads books with them, and snuggles them.

This week, she gave us the most wonderful gift. She took 3 days off of work so we could get away, just the two of us on a little mini trip. It is our first time in close to 5 years (since we first became parents), that we have been away from kids. It is a bit nerve-wracking for me to be a away from two of my nursing babies and also my preschooler. However, knowing that Grandma Cindy is there to help cuddle, play, and take care of the girls, has made me relax and once again realize how lucky I am to have her. Plus from everything I've heard, the girls are doing great with her (I'm not surprised).

Thank you Cindy! We love and appreciate you!!

Do you have a wonderful relationship with your mother-in-law? What do you appreciate about her the most?


  1. Let's just say my relationship with my MIL is complicated, like many others...and at this day and time it is even more complicated. You are truly blessed by Cindy!
    On another note...I LOVE your girls dresses!

    1. Yes, I realize I very much so am blessed! So sorry that your relationship with your MIL is like that! :( Thanks about the dresses, we adore them!!

  2. I like my MIL. She has always been pretty neutral about things and doesn't get involved in our lives if she doesn't agree with something we do, like move 2,000 miles away with her first born grandson :)
    She comes and visits at least once a year for a few weeks. I obviously think she should be more involved with the boys when she's here but that's a different story. To each their own I guess. She does call and send cards often to let us know she cares and is thinking of us.
    She raised a remarkable man in my husband by herself too. Her husband died at 34 years old when Steven was 8 and his sister was 3. She did the best she could and poured her life into her children. I am thankful for that!

    1. It sounds like you have a great mother-in-law! I can understand wanting some different things as far as being more involved in your boys lives as we have that in a different way as well. However, I just have to commend her for raising him and his sister all by herself. I cannot imagine how difficult that must have been!!


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