Friday, March 2, 2012

Where we dream together!

"We should be dreaming. We grew up as kids having dreams, but now we're too sophisticated as adults, as a nation. We stopped dreaming. We should always have dreams." ~Herb Brooks

Confession: I had no idea who Herb Brooks was until I just Googled his name! I loved this quote so much that my friend Sarah shared on Facebook the other night though that it got me thinking about wanting to hear your dreams! So I had to share!

Some of mine (either practical or impractical, it doesn't matter):

I dream of working with orphans in Africa, specifically in Ethiopia.
I dream of taking my girls on missions trips in order that they can serve others.
I dream of getting my doula certification and possibly one day becoming a midwife.
I dream of becoming a birth photographer. Birth and babies all in one = LOVE
I dream of returning to Venezuela  with my husband, so I can show my him where my heart is.
I dream of meeting my sponsored child in Brazil one day.
I dream of taking a 7 day vacation someplace warm with my husband for our 10 year anniversary!
I dream of moving to a warmer climate.
I dream of traveling the world with my family, so that we can all see how much bigger of a world we live in. Also, so we can see beyond our own needs and wants to others needs and wants!!
My biggest dream is to one day pay in full someone's adoption costs just because I know how much that means to them.

I think I could dream all day!

So now that I shared some of my dreams (and I have so many more) with you, I want you to share with me your dreams. I'm convinced something magical happens when we share our dreams and we begin to dream together!


  1. I love this insight into your beautiful heart and mind. It also startled me at reading how many dreams we share. (Doula certification, midwifery, sponsoring a child, traveling the world, taking the honeymoon we never had on our tenth anniversary in 2014, paying someone's adoption expenses...)

    I dream of adopting, of growing our family both biologically and through adoption to have a rainbow of children.

    I dream of owning a home, one with trees and warmth and light, near wild space so my children can lose themselves in nature from time to time.

    I dream of homeschooling my children, showing them the big beautiful world and the freedom to be themselves.

    I dream of helping others in ridiculous and extravagant ways.

    I dream of learning to sew, and to ice skate.

    I dream of seeing the Northern lights.

    I dream of kayaking with orcas.

    Oh, could I keep going! I love to dream too. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us!


    1. What beautiful dreams Mandy!! Thank you for sharing them with me! I would love to pray over them for you! :)

  2. I love them all! I especially live the last one! I never even thought of doing that! Not that I have the money to, but wow, that would be such an amazing gift!

    1. That one is deep in my heart because we almost did not get to adopt because we could not afford it. Thankfully we had very generous people support us and also some amazing adoption grants!

      It has been my dream since we started the adoption process that one day, pretty much as soon as I am able to financially, I want to give my money to pay for all the adoption expense for someone else, whether that be international, domestic, foster, it doesn't matter! I just know there is such blessing in this little girl that otherwise should not have been "mine".

  3. My *biggest* dream is to become a grandma. I seriously can not wait to have grandbabies!!! The thought makes me giddy!!!

    1. I remember you saying that Salena!! I'm sure you will make an incredible Grandma!! :) Were you close to your Grandma, is that part of the reason you look forward to it?


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