Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini Winter Getaway!

Those that know me well, know that winter gets long for me. Why I live in one of the coldest and snowiest states is beyond me! Except for the fact that I was born and raised here, met my husband (who was also born and raised here), and we have stayed ever since. I'm not ruling out that dream for a move to a warmer climate yet!

Snuggled up close to mama. Xiomara was terrified of the water at first!
In the meantime though, we have been planning all winter long to go on a short getaway with the girls just to break up the monotony of winter, cold, and snow. Of course the one year we plan this, it has hardly snowed, has rarely been below 30 degrees, and in all honesty, has been a relatively nice winter.

Still getting away from the routine of things is good for all of us I think. So when I saw on Facebook that a waterpark close by us had $29 a night special for Leap Day, I could not turn it down.

We found this moose sculpture at the hotel. The girls found it hilarious!

While we thought the hotel was ok (it lacked nice/updated features). The waterpark made up for it! The first night we stayed there the waterpark was closed so we drove around, went out for supper, and then hung out in our hotel room watching whatever cooking show or home improvement show we could find. The next day got a bit long for the girls as they had to wait until 4 o'clock for the waterpark to open. They also did not want to nap/rest, so they were a bit wound up.

Meridian pretty much ignored us the whole time and just swam! She is a little fish!
Zoelle kept watching the clock and as soon as it turned to "4" as she would say, we left our room and went to the waterpark. For the next 4-5 hours the girls, Chris, and I swam to our hearts content. It was a joy to watch each of our girls in the water and I am so thankful we took the time to do this with them as it is now just one more memory for them to forever remember!

Do you take a family vacation in the winter? If so, where do you go?


  1. i give you so much credit! i can't imagine being stuck in the house because of weather! we've had horrible weather for 2 days and i'm going nuts! glad to see your whole family had fun!

    1. Haha! I guess it is all relative. I do think it has gotten worse as I have had more kids. Some days I desperately feel as if I need an escape! :)

  2. YES! It just depends. Sometimes we go to the cities, sometimes Fargo and sometimes to Thumper Pond. Steven and I have been on a few couples trips he's earned through work to WARMER places and those were a blast!!! I too like just a little get-a-way to break up the winter. This year, since it's been so nice we didn't go anywhere and I'm ok with that! My birthday is in January so we usually time our trips around that, double fun.

    1. How fun is that and do you know I don't even know where Steven works?? I'll have to message you on fb about that sometime! It sounds like you plan plenty of fun times as a family! :)


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