Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We're Moving!

Yep, you just read that right! I had to take a huge breath and let it out because everything has happened so quickly!

When I first posted my change blog post, I did so because of Zoelle going to school and also some other changes possibly coming up in our lives. While in the back of my mind I did realize that the post could reference us moving, I truly never thought we would be moving this soon.

Our Very First Home

You see we came home from our honeymoon to this house and always said we would stay here only for about 5 years, or until school was finished. We both graduated from college, brought Zoelle home from the hospital, two years later brought Meridian home from the hospital, and close to two years ago brought Xiomara home from Georgia. The house we were suppose to fix up and live in for a max of five years was getting tinnier and more crowded by the day.

Thus, we have been looking pretty seriously for the last three years or so at moving. We were pretty much getting no where in our search and it honestly was becoming a bit of a joke with out realtor that we just weren't buying a house because we didn't want to lose the friendship we had with him!

Then two weeks ago, Chris showed me a house late at night on the computer. I looked at it, and was like, "Yeah I suppose we should go look at it". Again, because we have taken so much of our realtor's time, I felt a little bad asking to look at it. However, Chris insisted we did. That morning I had a tough morning with Meridian. She kept just asking to go back to bed and crying. I was in a bad mood, so by the time Chris came to pick me up, I didn't really care about the house. I went, looked at it and pretty much wrote it off. I even joked around with our realtor that this house was not screaming buy me!

However, as we left Chris told me he really wanted to look more into buying it. It was in the exact location we wanted, on a road that had a few other houses, the ability to connect to another road that I could do my walks on, the property is gorgeous, and while the house itself is definitely stuck in the 90's, all it needs is some paint and updates and it will be cute! After a little bit of convincing, I told him we should go ahead and put in an offer.

To make a long story short, we were able to buy this new house for quite a bit lower than what we had ever thought possible. Even our realtor was shocked! However, because of the current owner's job and relocation for work, it made it possible. Thankfully, we also had a buyer lined up for our house.

So, in less than a month we close on the house. Somehow in that time I have to pack, pick out paint colors for the new house, continue to do as much school as possible with Z, watch the other girls, pack some more, and try not to freak out!

An older picture of the inside of our house, but I sure do love it!

Have I mentioned how much I hate, hate, hate change? I am hyperventilating a bit as there are so many memories that we have made in this house. I'm a bit sad and I'm actually devastated to not have my porch any longer. There are a lot of memories stored up in the walls of this house after close to 9 years of living here.

I just keep trying to remind myself that we will make new memories and I will grow to love my new house as much as I love this one. Plus, I get to decorate all over again and this time with the help of Pinterest!

So in the next month be prepared for a fewer amount of posts, or if I'm super stressed more posts as I write my stress out at times! Also, please be in prayer for all of us that the transition would go well and that everything that needs to get done, will get done!


  1. Awesome! i was the same way with our Broadway home. It was our first home we bought together and where we brought Abram home to after he was born. I had a *really* hard time leaving it but I do, after 2 years like our new home too. We are making memories here too. Blessings to you in the next month! Do you have any pictures of the new house?!

    1. Good to know that I am not alone in my worries! I do have some pics! I'll probably be sharing sometime after we close on the house!

  2. That is so awesome!! We totally need to buy a new house...but it's so stressful!
    it's funny iwas praying in the car for god to open doors for us to buy a bigger house and I guess I said "oh god" out loud. My son asked, why you saying oh god? Hahaha he busted me!

    1. Very, very stressful!! Ahh!! And oh my goodness, how hilarious about your son!! :) I love your kids!

  3. Having never moved, I think it sounds exciting! The thought of packing up everything DOES sound overwhelming, though. We nearly moved last fall to WI, but then Dennis changed his mind. I was looking forward to the adventure, but in the process of "saying goodbye" to all the things I like about our house here, has given me an appreciation for those things again once I knew we wouldn't be moving. Did that make any sense?? It's late... :)
    Best wishes as you forge ahead!

    1. Ha!! I love you Melissa! Exciting would be the last word I would describe this to be! ;) But again, I hate change! And yep, you made lots of sense! :)


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