Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Someone Is Growing Up

I haven't written about our homeschool journey since the beginning of January. In that post, I shared that I was struggling a bit with school for Zoelle. The funny thing is, shortly after posting that, Zoelle seemed to take off in school. She whipped through her first math book and is well on her way to finishing her second one. She is reading now pretty fluently, and understanding it as well. I brought out our old Bob Books from last year to have her try the other day and I was amazed at how much smoother her reading went compared to a year ago.

So in the midst of all of that, you may be surprised to learn that we made a big new decision; next year Zoelle will be going to Kindergarten. After much prayer and talking, we decided that a local private school is the direction we wanted to go for this next year. I'm not sure how future years past this one will look, but for now, we have a major peace about school.

Of course, it is a big change for me and that is part of my change post. Zoelle is a huge help around the house and I will miss her help each morning as she goes to school. Speaking of morning, mornings are not my cup of tea. I am not a morning person at all. So this will challenge me to have to formulate some sort of schedule. I'm not positive yet if I will be bringing her to school or if she will take the school bus, but either way I'm sure we have just added a bit of busyness with going back and forth to school even if just for school programs.

While a bit nervous about this change in our lives, I do feel it will be a great one for Zoelle. She has a wonderful teacher that I know will work hard with her. At the same time, this will give me a chance to focus a bit more on Meridian and Xiomara and because I have the preschool Heart of Dakota Publishing curriculum, I will be starting both the younger girls on a part-time homeschooling routine this Fall.

Overall, I know this is the right decision for our family, but I'm sure you will have to remind me of that this September as my oldest daughter, who I never thought would turn five, goes off to school for the very first time!!


  1. Yah! You all will be blessed by her teacher, we sure have been. WIll she go all day, every day?
    I am NOT a morning person either, so much so that my work schedule allows me to only be at work by 8:45 2 days a week, the other days at 10:45. Is Chris able to drop her off in the mornings? Steven trys his best on my early work days to take the boys for me so I can focus on just getting myself ready. On the later work days I take the boys in my pj's and pray that I never, EVER need to get out of the car for any reason :)
    I hope she has a wonderful school year! Enjoy this summer with her. Abram's last summer before he went to K was very bittersweet :)

    1. Oh I know. Her teacher is wonderful!! She will only go half days. Chris may be able to drop her off some days, so I am hoping we can someway work on that! But if not, we may have many of those PJ days too!! :)

      Ahh...don't remind me of that bittersweet summer!! I'm struggling with it already!! :(


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