Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Update Of Sorts

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting a kitchen renovation update, but I'm sorry to say it's not all done yet. :( I could actually show you it now as it practically is, but I'm really picky and like things to look "perfect" and complete before I show the finished product, so you will all have to wait. In the meantime, if you could all nudge my hubby to finish it that would be great (just kidding hon). Around here, Fall means hunting and hunting means my husband is gone quite a bit. So, until that ends, he only gets little projects done, like organizing his dresser drawers or his closet (he really did do that this week). Soon though, we will all be stuck in our house with cold weather and snow around us, and then we can hopefully accomplish some long awaited projects!

I do have an update on exercising. Last night my awesome and amazing friend Tara and I completed Week 5 of From Couch to 5K. I think we were both just beaming and so, so proud of ourselves that we could accomplish this. Five weeks ago, we really doubted we would ever complete this and now we are over half way done. The first big hurdle for us to get over was running five minutes straight. We did it and were pretty proud.

Then, this week the program had us work up to 8 minute runs. Let me tell you, was I scared. I even posted on my facebook page that I wasn't sure I could do it, nor finish out the week with a 20 minute run. Well, I did the 8 minute and then came the dreaded 20 minute run. I decided to switch my mindset to one of "I can do this" and off we went. Amazingly, the first 10 minutes or so were the hardest. After that, we just seemed to have the confidence that we were going to do it....and we did!

We came back to my house and pretty much shouted and told Chris to grab the camera as we did it!!

On to Week 6!!


  1. Awesome job ladies! Are you signed up for a race or are you just doing it to do it?

    I started the C25K, but then gave it up because we just don't live in a safe enough neighborhood to run all that far and it was very boring circling the block! But one day .....

  2. Rach, we haven't officially signed up yet, but I think we are doing a 5K on November 20th.

    Bummer about not being able to keep doing it. And are you serious about not living in a safe neighborhood? I thought you lived in the sticks?? :)

  3. Sadly, the kitchen will have to wait as I am so terribly busy putting food on the table that I don't have time for the mundane task of making you and your blog followers happy!

  4. Ahh yes, I always did like me some venison! ;) Keep working on putting the food on the table. Oh, and I think you just made me and my blog followers happy with your silly post!

  5. Ha Chris...poor you, LOL
    Great job Vanessa, keep it up!!! I'd love to run a 5k some day...*sigh*

  6. SO proud of you both!

  7. Thanks Salena-You so should do a 5K!

    Stephanie-Thank you! :)


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