Thursday, October 28, 2010

Christmas in August

Each year as Christmas comes closer, the Christmas/Holiday cards start arriving into our mailbox. I love taping them to our door that goes upstairs and I frequently go look at the pictures of the families just to see how much they have changed over the year.

Each year I secretly kind of wish we sent out Christmas cards. Instead, we send out what we like to call our "Christmas letter in August" which is on our anniversary. It is unique and something different for us to do so that way our Christmas card won't get lost amongst all the others at Christmas time.

Each year we use Shutterfly to print our "Christmas Card". The designs are always unique and fun and their customer service is amazing.

Each year, for the fun of it I like to look at the various Christmas cards that Shutterfly offers. I especially like the holiday photo cards or photo Christmas cards because one day if we decide to be "normal" again, I know that is what I'd choose. This year, I especially like this one

Except of course, I'd replace those kids with my own! :) Perhaps someday, we'll be "normal" again so I can stop dreaming, but for now I like being unique!

*I will receive free Christmas Cards in exchange for writing this post. However, everything I said above is 100% true and I really do love Shutterfly!


  1. Christmas cards and our annual letter are amoung some of my favorite things of the year :)
    I LOVE Christmas cards :)


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