Saturday, October 9, 2010

This week...

*Has been amazing
*The girls got colds
*Chris and I cleaned the house
*I did lots of laundry
*We went hiking three times to State Parks
*Zoelle climbed a big hill all by herself each time without complaining
*I got to snuggle my Xiomara in the Sleepy Wrap
*Chris got to snuggle his Xiomara in the Sleepy Wrap
*I got to snuggle wrestle my sick Meridian in the Beco
*Chris got to snuggle wrestle his sick Meridian in the Beco
*I finished week 4 of From Couch to 5K
*Realized that I can run 5 minutes straight (twice) and 3 minutes straight (twice)
*I'm sore
*Has been in the 70's+ outside each day. Some days even 80+
*We have been outside everyday all day
*Basically threw out the window our schedule of naps/bedtime in order to spend each day outside
*We've played lots in the leaves
*I've taken lots of pictures of my three little girls
*I got to hear Xiomara laugh out loud for the first time-my heart melted
*I love my family
*I feel incredibly blessed


  1. Hiking 3 times in one week? I am jealous (and inspired!). ;)

    I hope Meridian feels better soon!

  2. Stephanie-I thought of you a few times while I was hiking! :) It was so much fun and I felt so good afterwards.

    Thanks for the well wishes for Meridian. She does seem a bit better today!


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