Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Trip to the State Park

We've truly had a gorgeous Autumn here this year. I'm thankful as to me it seems like an extension of Summer. Maybe not quite as warm, but still at least we don't have snow on the ground.

This past weekend, Chris, the girls, and I decided to go to a local State Park and do some hiking. Amazingly enough all three girls (and maybe even myself) napped on the way to the State Park. So Chris just drove for a bit until I woke up. Then, we had to wake all three up once we got there. Zoelle was not having it. She wanted to stay in the car.

Poor girl. Then as we started walking, she freaked out, and refused to go further. See the little pink dot in the picture?

That would be her. Is it mean that I took pictures of this process? Don't answer that.

Chris went and rescued her only to find out she was scared of a black tree in the woods. Poor girl.

Finally we were on our way. May I just say how much I love my man for baby wearing with a more girly looking carrier. He carried Meridian in our Beco. I carried Xiomara in my Sleepy Wrap. Oh and sometimes, I had to carry Zoelle. Poor girl (take your pick as to which one of us was the girl that was poor).

In the end, despite some tears, I am so glad we enjoyed the beautiful day and a local State Park. It was well worth the time and effort!

Do you ever go hiking? If you do, do you babywear any of your kids, or do they hike? Do you ever take advantage of your State Parks?


  1. We do go to State Parks in the area. We LOVE Maplewood and Glendalough and Itasca but that's bit farther.
    I use to wear my boys in the Bjorn until they could no longer fit. Now that they are 8 and almost 5 they hike themselves :)

  2. Aren't State Parks great Salena? We've never been to Itasca as a family, but I really hope to next year. It is a gorgeous State Park!

  3. Oh, you need to go, it's really fun to camp there!


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