Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Open Letter To My Daughters About Sisterhood

Dear Girls,

You are sisters. All each individual and unique. Being so close in age, you often get lumped together as "girls", but what I want you to know is that even if you are all girls, all sisters; you are still each "you".

It's sometimes hard as a mom to make sure I give each of you individual attention when you need it. It's hard to divide my time between you, and while there are times I succeed, there are many times that I fail.

Image Via Holly D. Photography

It is in those moments while I am nursing one of you, placing a band aid on another, that I turn and find two of you snuggled together, giggling at each other, or even at times fighting.

Lately, the fighting has been getting to be more than I like. I get frustrated and mad. I so badly want you to enjoy and love one another. To understand that being a part of a sisterhood is a rare gift. But only each one of you individually can make that decision whether or not to accept the gift of sisterhood. As badly as I want you to have it, you have to choose it for yourselves.

That gift was one that I got to experience, but it wasn't until I was older that I truly understood how precious it was. To have someone to share everything with, who makes you cry, but will cry with you. Who you go to for advice. Who loves you. Who is a best friend.

It is a rare gift and today as a mom, and as a sister, I would tell you; don't throw it away. Don't throw away the gift of sisterhood.

Don't throw it away because of jealously, because of anger, or because of hurt.

Instead accept that gift and hold it close to your heart. For as my mom always told me, "One day your dad and I won't be here, and you will only have each other". I hated that advice as a child, but as an adult, I'm realizing how true those words are. Words that I wish I would have listened to sooner.

Image Via Holly D. Photography

So now my precious girls, I can pass this wisdom on to you. Love each other, giggle, play together, whisper secrets into one another's ears, cry together, laugh, celebrate life, dance, and run together.

Enjoy this precious gift called sisterhood that your dad and I have given you. For it is rare and beautiful.

With all my love,



  1. The letter and pictures and both so so beautiful!! Don't worry, I fought like cats and dogs with my brothers, but now that we are older we are so close. They are the best uncles to my daughter too. :)

    1. Oh so good to know Camille! Because they have been fighting an awful lot lately and it does kill me! :(


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