Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Xiomara

Dear Xiomara,

Today you turn 2. Unbelievable! As we drove home last tonight from your cousin India's birthday party, I started to cry. Not just the little cries, but instead huge, wet tears, streaming down my face. I turned to daddy and told him, "I don't want her to turn 2, she is my baby". Yet, no matter how much I want my own way, the clock does not stop, and early this morning you officially became a toddler.

When we were awaiting your arrival, we prayed that you would be a little girl who brought us so much joy. You exude joy! We rarely ever see you not smile. Instead, your entire face lights up into a smile all day long. You don't really cry. Instead, you do a fake little cry to make us all laugh.

About a month ago, daddy thought that you were a little crabbier then normal. I had noticed it too, but you never cried, just showed a bit more attitude. Then a few days later, I noticed your mouth open and looked inside to find your two year molars! Not all of them, just the bottom two, and I never knew you were getting them!

Despite all your happiness, you do have this little stubborn side of you. I keep saying that you are definitely 2 now, and it shows! For example, when I try to take a picture of you, you ignore me and refuse to either look at the camera, or smile. When everyone talks to you, you decide you aren't going to talk to them, or even look at them. Instead, you look past them with a straight face. You little stinker you!

You make us laugh a lot. I mean how could we not laugh with you and your cute little giggles? You are extremely athletic and run very quickly. You give the best, most squishiest kisses ever! You count to three and sometimes even try and tell me you are three. You know most of your colors and I'm guessing that is in thanks to your big sisters. When I ask you what your favorite color is, you almost always tell me yellow. However, every once and awhile you tell me pink. Just another reminder of how much you are no longer my baby.

Even though you are growing up, you are not ready yet to be done with your "side" or "nurse". I cherish the fact that even though I didn't give birth to you, I am able to nurse you as long as I have. You also still call for "baci" many times a day. We try and limit it to car rides, naps, and bedtime, but sometimes you, or your sisters sneak and find one. You love your sisters and you squeal with joy each day when you see them.

Even though you are now 2, please give your mama more sweet nights like last night when I was able to rock you and snuggle you to sleep. I pray that this next year, you continue to bring us such a joy, and spread that to those all around you.

I love you! Happy Birthday, sunshine!




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