Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weekend Pinterest Challenge

I heart pinterest. I could literally spend hours perusing on there. I often pin different projects for myself to do, or especially things I want to do with my kids. However, until yesterday I did not actually do any of those projects. Instead I would pin all these fun projects or ideas and then say to myself that maybe someday I would do them.

That is until Sarah from Emerging Mummy put up the Pinterest challenge which is to pick one thing from your pinterest board and actually complete it. Having that challenge put before me made me have to do it, so I did!

On Saturday, Chris and I spent almost the entire day doing a bedroom makeover. We have been married for 8 years and still had the same $30 clearance bedding set from Target. Two years ago as a black Friday special, we bought another $30 bedding set, this one from Walmart. The problem is that they were about as opposite as you could possibly be, thus requiring us to re-paint and re-do our bedroom. This kept us busy pretty much the whole day and our girls were left on their own to watch movies or play with toys.

Thus at the end of the day, I wanted to make it special for them. So I picked one item from my pinterest board that I have been wanting to do and we did it! We made Sidewalk Paint! My girls absolutely loved it! It was quick, easy, and I had everything on hand in order to do it. I wish I would have taken a picture today of the final product, but let me tell you it showed up much better when dried than these pictures show.

I'm definitely hoping Sarah keeps up doing the Pinterest Challenge because I plan on making this a weekend thing from now on.

How about you-are you on pinterest? If you are, do you ever do any of the projects you pin?


  1. Sidewalk paint! What a fantastic idea. I am totally going to do that (or at least pin it *wink*)

  2. I'm here via Emerging Mummy... I pin, and now I *do*! That sidewalk paint looks so fun... my daughter would love it, I'm sure. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Here via Emerging Mummy... I LOVE Pinterest, and I have spent literally hours pinning away, saying, "I'll do that someday..." I think I saw the sidewalk paint on one of the pinboards I follow, I'll have to try it when my lil one gets a lil bigger.

    Hey, do we get to see pics of your "new" bedroom?

  4. I have NO idea what pinterest is...

  5. so I went to look at's just a lot of different stuff on the main page, looks overwhelming. I didn't see projects.

  6. Sarah-You should! ;)

    Wendy-It was so much fun and it turned out fantastic when dried! You should do it! :)

    Smooch-I could easily spend house there as well. It can be very addicting! As for new bedroom pics...I'll try to do that soon! :)

    Salena-In a nutshell, it is a fun and VISUAL way to organize all your bookmarks!

  7. I had my sister explain it, sounds really neat. Do I need to be invited?

  8. Yep, you do! Send me your email address and I'll invite you! :)


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