Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazon Wishlist, Swagbucks, and eReaders

I'm an avid reader! I've slowed a bit over the years since having kids, but when I get a chance to read, I do. I often find myself adding books to my Amazon Wishlist that I have found off of other blogs, message boards, websites, etc. These days most of the books I want to read are parenting books. Some on my reading list right now are:

All three of those I have read before through our local public library, but all three were amazing enough that I want to buy them for future reference. Often when I want to buy books, I turn to Amazon and redeem my Swagbucks rewards to purchase Amazon Cards to buy what I need.

Have you signed up for Swagbucks yet? If not, you definitely want to sign up now. Friday is Mega Swag Bucks day, which means that you have a higher chance of earning greater points with a simple search. That is all it is! Instead of using Google for your search engine, use Swagbucks and earn points on your searches. All it takes is 450 points to earn a $5 Amazon giftcard. Trust me it adds up quickly! So if you want to start earning money now on your searches go sign up here:

In the meantime, I've been thinking more and more about getting an eReader. I never thought I would like not holding an actual book in my hands, but the more I think on it, the more I am thinking I may like it. But first I need your help! I know nothing about them besides a few brands. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of each kind? Right now I'm specifically looking between the Kindle and Nook Color, but I am open to others. So what do you have and what do you recommend?


What is on your Amazon wishlist? Do you use Swagbucks? What are your thoughts on using an eReader?


  1. I have a kindle and I really like it. I spend enough time on my computer that I know I would hate reading a book on it. But on my kindle the page actually looks like a chapter book you would buy in a store. I also was four little ones feel like my house is cluttered enough without my book hoarding, so this allows me to keep buying books. :-)

  2. I don't have an Amazon wishlist, I've never heard of Swagbucks and Steven LOVES his Kindle I bought him. He loves that he can take notes on it, it never forgets where you've left off reading and it holds A LOT of books!

  3. My husband uses Kindle all the time and loves it. He has it on his iPod. I want to get an iPod just to use Kindle now!

  4. Weems Family-I just for the first time this weekend, got the chance to check out a Kindle and was amazed that it was just like reading a book. I imagined it to be more like a computer screen. I think I am going to like it. Oh and less clutter is always good! ;)

    Salena-1. You need to get going on Swagbucks! ;) 2. Amazon wishlists are always fun to just dream at least. 3. I had no idea you could take notes on a Kindle. Like that concept a lot!

    Camille-I forgot that the iPods haev a Kindle on them. I have an older version of the iPod so I don't get that. Bummer! :(

  5. A Kindle is at the VERY TOP of my wish list - especially since we have limited space in our RV!

  6. Yes we have limited space in our own home, so I too am wanting an E-reader for that reason. Why the Kindle and not the Nook?


Feel free to share any jewels or treasures in your comments to me. :)