Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend and Hubby!!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and hubby Christopher!

Chris as a little boy! What a cutie!

I know you don't like the world to know you are now in your late 20's rolling closer to 30, but I have to say, you definitely age well! ;)

So handsome!

For those of you that don't know my husband, let me tell you a bit about him.

When we were dating I always told him "I can't believe how gentle you are". He treated me as if I was a treasure. He still does. Gentleness defines him to a "T". Not only is he gentle with me, but he treats his three girls with more gentleness than one could imagine. Never ever has he told me he wished he had a boy. Instead, those girls are precious to him. He beams with pride as he talks about them.

Daddy and his girls!

He loves deeply. While Chris isn't one to show his emotions very often, I know that when he loves someone, he love them deeply. This is shown in his every action toward them and in his words. A true romantic at heart, he blesses me daily with the little things he does for me that show his love for me.

2006. Pre-kids!

Speaking of words, he doesn't have many. He is a quiet guy, the complete opposite of me. Which means we are a perfect balance of each other as I'm quite verbal. He just listens and quietly inputs his thoughts as I express myself. The man has patience! ;)

    Sexy and serious (yep, I just called you sexy on my blog)! ;)

Those that truly get the honor of knowing Chris for who he is will quickly come to realize how funny he is! I've had many tell me, "I had no idea how funny your husband was until ______." Yep, that is how it is with him. He seems so reserved, but under it all, he makes me laugh daily. I'm very lucky I get to see this part of him that many others do not get to see. 

  He makes me smile and laugh!

He is an incredibly hard worker. Building up two businesses to support our family day in and day out. He makes me proud! He doesn't stop dreaming of what more he could do and he doesn't stop working hard to achieve those goals. I love that!

On our anniversary in 2010

And I love you Christopher! You know I don't believe in the card industry, so here is my card to you! I love you with all my heart! Thank you for being you and for loving me for me. May your birthday be absolutely amazing in everyway.

Happy Birthday Christer!

Easter 2011


  1. Happy birthday to your fabulous hubby, he sounds a lot like mine :)

  2. Thanks Salena! You must have an awesome hubby then! ;)

  3. He's more than awesome. I am so thankful daily that God lead us together, and at such a young age too. Steven was 19 when we got married 13 years ago :)
    I am beyond blessed with Steven as my husband :)

  4. Chris was 20 and I was 19 when we got married! Neat! :)


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