Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm An Ugly Mom

Yep, it's true. It may not be on the outside, but I am was definitely today on the inside.

It all started out this morning when I overslept a bit and Chris came in to wake me up so he could go to work. Groan. I knew I shouldn't have skipped my shower last night because now I had to try and take it and watch three girls somehow. First I had to put Xiomara down for her morning nap, feed myself breakfast, make the bed, get the laundry ready to start as soon as I got out of the shower. By the time I was ready to shower, I was a crab and half my day was gone. Then I still had to get lunch for the girls, myself, and get them down for naps on time. Not to mention when naps were done we had to do school. Sigh...I could feel myself getting worked up, crabby, and stressed with all I had to do.

At lunchtime, I sent a tweet about how I was ready for naptime. And I meant it! I was! But looking back, I'm sure my girls were ready too. They knew mama was crabby. It was no fun for them to hear me yell and be short with them. They also didn't deserve it. Oh sure, there may have been some direct disobedience, but I was the one who threw the whole day off and set the tone for them.

I tell you this for two reasons. 1. I'm not perfect, even if I seem like I am. I have my off days. Days in which I am a less than perfect mom! 2. I could have handled this day so much differently.  Even if I still would have slept in, I could have gotten out of bed and gave my worries and stress to God, and then went on to have a fun day.

In the end, the laundry still got done, the house stayed clean, I did get my shower, and school was completed. But it was with an ugly mom and I'm quite positive life would have been a lot smoother and happier with a pretty mom. One with a lot prettier attitude. I only hope that I've learned and that next time, when life doesn't go perfectly as planned, I can stop and choose the right attitude. So I can look back each day, and the girls can look back each day and say "Wow, mom sure was pretty today!" and mean that for both the outside and inside.

Have you ever had an off day? What did you do to make it better, or maybe even worse?


  1. Vanessa, thank you so much for your transparency! that is why we love you so much. you are one of the most real and beautiful people i am blessed to know. i've had off-days, many many of them. all of us do. some of my off days have been made worse by me. some have been made better by God. but it's only when i give it to God that He's able to take my ugly and make it pretty. today could have turned into an ugly day, but by asking God to improve on it, He did. nothing in the natural changed, just my attitude about it. and that's what He'll do in most situations.

  2. Have I ever had an off day, HA! Yah, who doesn't??? I hate when I have off days. What do I do...first thing I always do is apologize to those I may have hurt with my ugliness and that's usually to my kids and husband. I am forever thakful for their forgiveness.
    I almost hate myself when I have an off day and throw tantrums, I know it hurts those around me and I hate the way I acted. That is almost enough to bring those off days to "on" days but because I am human I still have those off days.
    If I can put my kids to bed after a heartfelt apology then I come downstairs and pray for forgiveness to God as well. I usually cry and then wipe my tears and hope and pray that because tomorrow is a new day, I can start fresh again tomorrow with a prettier attitude.

  3. Dawn-Wow I feel so humbled and thankful for your kind words about me. Thank you. Definitely have realized that I need to give each day to God.

    Salena-That is the first thing I did last night. Before the girls went to bed, I sat down, snuggled with them and apologized to them. I also asked God for forgiveness. Thank God that His mercies are new every morning, right?

  4. Yes, I had "one of those days" a few days ago...and felt sad/bad at the end of the day. I whispered "I'm sorry" to the girls as they fell asleep.

    I'm so grateful that His mercies are new every morning.

  5. Thanks Stephanie for letting me know I'm not alone! Even though it doesn't make it right, it does make me feel more "normal".


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