Thursday, February 3, 2011

Left, Right, Whatever...

I said I'd never do it. Yet here I am writing on a public blog about it. I may be criticized, I may be unliked for it, but I feel that I cannot stay silent.

"We cannot withold facts for fear of offending, because the importance of the information outweighs people's rights not to be challenged in their beliefs" -Maddy Reid

So what is it??

It is politics.

I once was a staunch Republican. I say once because during the 2008 election I was completely turned off. The Republicans who thought they were right in their beliefs were rude, disrespectful, and often down right slanderous in how they talked about the Democrats.

It may come as a surpise to you though, that just because I once was a Republican, does not mean that I am now a staunch Democrat. No, those Democrats who thought they were right in their beliefs were rude, disrespectful, and often down right slanderous in how they talked about Republicans.

Sad. But not unexpected either. I mean, after all, we are talking about politics here people.

What gets me is when Christians on either side of the battle show disrespect. Right now, because President Obama is in office, I am seeing and hearing comments from the Christian Republicans, be it on Facebook or in real life. On the night of the State of the Union Address, my Facebook feed was filled with negative comments and criticisms of President Obama. It's one thing to disagree with him or his policies, but it totally goes beyond that when you disrespect him. God knew that Obama would be in office. That is no mistake on His part and I'm quite positive Christ would want us to show love and pray, not criticize our president, no matter who it is.

I also want both sides of the story. If you are going to post negatives on Obama, please also post the positives too. Like this article in which Obama talks about His faith. Now I know some of you are scoffing and disagreeing with that article, but I cannot judge Obama. That is not my job as a believer, but God's. It will be interesting to see if my Facebook feed is filled tonight with re-posting of this article. My guess is not. And that makes me sad. As Christians who claim to be Republicans, are you truly representing Christ in your talk and beliefs? Or are you just judging and criticizing that whom God has placed in charge? Same goes for those of you who are Christian Democrats. Ask yourself those same questions and truthfully answer them. I had to do so myself a few years ago, and I didn't like what I found.

I'm not sure where I stand anymore. Politics are messy. Dirty. And everyone does poop. On each other, on their own party.

It's ugly. I'm already dreading the 2012 elections. On both sides. I think from here on out, I plan on looking at the candidate, not the party. I also plan on viewing politics through an unbiased approach. Most of all though, I trust that God has it in His control, no matter which party is in office.

What are your thoughts on politics? Christianity and politics-can they co-exsist? How do you choose your canidate?

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  1. I was reading Uniquely Normal Mom and came to this blog.

    Kudos to you for looking at the candidate and not the party. More people need to do this. All the time, money, and energy spent on categorizing who’s who and what’s what could be spent actually doing something.

    About me: I am a Christian. I am a registered Democrat. I don’t vote solely on party lines. 90% of the time I end up voting for a Democrat because I feel he or she is the best candidate, not because he or she is simply a Democrat. I’ve voted for Republicans, Independents, etc. I also believe in separation of church and state. My personal values are not necessarily my political values.

  2. Marie-So so true. The time, energy, and money spent on both sides fighting each other could be much better spent! :(

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm still working on how I can remove my personal values from my political values (or if I can). I think I'm a work in progress! :)

  3. Great post!! I can't believe I missed this! I find it sad that Christians are defined as right-wing Republicans, not as lovers of God and people.

  4. Awesome, Vanessa! Exactly how I think. It's embarrassing how Christian people talk about Obama.

  5. Gen-Perfectly put! We should be a lover of all people (Republican or not).

    Sarah-Chris and I often talk about what a misrepresentation of Christ many Christians are representing. It mades me sad. :(


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