Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm bored with Christianity.

There I said it. Phew.

Now before you go gasping and tsk, tsking, re-read my sentence.

I'm bored with Christianity. Not God.

First let me backtrack a bit. Last night, Chris and I went on a date. It was amazing. I love that man and I love how God has created marriage. We talked about where we are at in life and we dreamt of what God has for us.

I shared with Chris, like I have before that I wonder if this is all God has for me?? I mean to live in the same small town I grew up in? Just being comfortable in our home, raising our three girls? Listening to the same Christian songs? Talking to the same people? I just can't help but wonder if God has more for me, for us?

Sometimes I dream of what God has for us. Is it to stay here living our same life? Is it to give of our selves more, our finances more? Is it to move and be involved in missions?

We didn't come to any decisions, but it was a blast to dream, talk, and pray about it and know that God will continue to guide us and our hearts. We did come to one conclusion: God doesn't want us to be comfortable anymore. Even if it may be scary, we know He wants us to step out of our comfortable Christian world and step out in faith for Him.

*Pictures in this post were from my two missions trips to Brazil & Venezuela 10 and 11 years ago.


  1. I love this! It's a conversation we have a lot too. God is not a God of comfortable boxes, even though we try to make Him into One. I'm excited to see where your journey takes you!!

  2. I had a long night like this too the other night stemming from some contact with Afghanistan.

  3. Oh man, I wonder this DAILY! Is this it Lord? This is all I'm suppose to be doing? I pray, we pray and at the moment we feel like YES this is it, but I have to wonder if someday He will have more for us. I've come to accept this is where I'm suppose to be RIGHT.NOW. *sigh*

  4. Rachel-Thanks so much! It's a bit scary thinking about being out of our comfort zones, but we both know that if God leads us somewhere, we have to go! :)

    Gen-As much as I don't want you dreaming (ha), I know I have to be comfortable with that too!

    Salena-You put it absolutely perfectly. So many times I question God that this is all He has for me?!? But right now it is. Nothing wrong with it, but I just thought I'd be off in Africa changing the world or something! :)


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