Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Post Of Randoms

I'm tired this morning. For the first time since Zoelle was able to crawl, she came into our bed in the middle of the night last night. She NEVER does this and it surprised me. She has been having a tough time in the middle of the night lately where she will cry out off and on and sleep fitfully for awhile only to finally fall asleep exhausted hours later. Chris and I have been exhausted too after going back and forth to her room for hours trying to help her. Have any of your little ones done this around the age of three? Is it nightmares?

Even though I am tired this morning, Zoelle and I did our third day of preschool together this morning. She made this

and we both munched on cheerios together and still are. Can you tell what she is learning?

I keep meaning to do an updated post on our kitchen renovation but that means I need to take updated pictures which would first mean that Chris needs to finish a few little things around here. Overall though, it is mainly done and I love it! It gives my kitchen such an updated and completely different look.

Speaking of renovations, my blog is in it's final stages of re-design and I am excited to see it and show it to you. I think most of you that know me well will say it is "me".

This week I am determined to spend as much time as possible outside. It already has been and continues to look like it will be an absolutely gorgeous fall week. I love summer, but I truly do enjoy fall as well. It's just the long winters that follow that I don't necessarily always enjoy. There are aspects of it I do enjoy, but when it lasts forever and I have three little girls stuck inside all day, I don't enjoy it. But today I will focus on being thankful for this amazing weather and not think about what is to come. What is the weather like where you live?

For those who have been asking me how running is going, I can finally say we started back up late last night! And I don't hurt too badly this morning. We took almost a 3 week break because of Xiomara's surgery and then Tara was gone on a cruise. We are back at it though and shh....I think we are going to be signing up for our first ever 5K. No guarantees that we will run the whole time, but it is a start! Have any of you ever run a 5K?

Alright, this post of randoms got a lot longer than I intended, so I am off to enjoy the day! Hopefully you enjoy your day as well!


  1. Did you know that Caleb has finally decided to use the toilet full time??? Can you tell that I'm excited!!!! I've been diaper free for two weeks!!! I love it!!!
    Ok, the crying out at night...have you looked into growing pains? They usually happened when my kids were sleeping at night.
    Also, two of my boys had night terrors. They would either be crying or get upset and if you tried to soothe them it made it worse. By the next morning, they would not remember ever having them. Not sure why it happens.
    I'm so excited to see pictures of your new kitchen!!

  2. Yay Caleb!! :) I'm happy for you and him! What finally did it for him?

    Zoelle still is waking up at night. Every night this week. Twice coming to our room. Now I'm not sure if it is out of habit or if it is for real. I remember having growing pains when I was a kid, I suppose she could have them now too. I think Chris had night terrors, and I don't think that is what this is, but possibly??

    I'm excited to show you pictures! I just told Chris yesterday that "Charlene wants to see pictures of our kitchen, so you better hurry and finish" Hehe! :)

  3. You should totally sign up for a 5K! I was terrified when I signed up for my 1st one in 2007 because I'm not really "a runner." I surprised myself when I LOVED it...

    I bet you will too. :)

  4. Stephanie, I really am terrified about whether or not I can actually run the whole thing. Yet, I am having fun doing this and challenging myself to this has been good for me. I *think* I will do it, but I am nervous. I will let you know! :)

  5. I don't remember but I think our boys would get up at night around this age...more so with the younger one.
    I have never ran a 5k, would LOVE to but haven't's a goal of mine in life.
    Are you planning on running one?

  6. Salena-Zoelle finally is sleeping thru again. We did lots of praying and talking to her and also created a sticker chart for her. If she slept thru the night, we'd give her a sticker. We were pretty positive that she was waking up out of habit so that is why we created the chart. After 7 sleeps, we went to Target and picked a little treat out. She was so proud and has continued to do well ever since.

    You so should do a 5K Salena, I bet you'd do great! Yes, I think I'm going to do one coming up in November! I'm a bit nervous, but excited too!


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