Wednesday, September 8, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Looking Back

Four years ago on this day, I found out I was pregnant with her.

Two years ago on this day, I found out I was pregnant with her.

Today, I have her.

And today I also took a test. It was negative. Sorry no picture of that as I figured the blog world didn't need to see that. The end!


  1. Sorry your streak ended!! But that is really fun - I knew their due dates were close, but I didn't know you found out on the same day!!

  2. Oh it's good my streak ended! Haha! No babies right now! Z was due May 19 (born on May 18). Mer was due on May 22 (born on May 19). I decided to take the test on the same day because I thought if I was going to be pregnant the second time, then I wouldn't forget the day and it would make it kind of fun! :)

  3. You can always try for next year! Ha! ;) Sorry, couldn't resist. :) Fun talking to you last night!

  4. Haha! Very funny Angie! You did make me smile and laugh out loud! :) Fun talking to you too!

  5. I received your letter the other day and I love your family picture! Your Z is getting so big and beautiful! It seems so wierd that I was there a little over a year ago talking with you! We wil pray for your little girl and her surgery. I hope it goes well!

  6. Charelene, so glad you got it! ;) Don't remind me how big Z is getting. It makes me happy, but also sad. We miss you so much and now you are on the other side of the world. Thanks for praying for us! :)

  7. You are blessed. Three beautiful girls!

    And, oh! My heart went pitter-patter for a moment when you said you took a test. :)

    Do you want to have more? (feel free to disregard that question if it is too personal)

  8. I am so very blessed Stephanie!! :)

    And tehe! You make me laugh! I have to take a test each year just for the sake of taking a test. I was fairly confident that I was not pregnant this year, but just in case I had to test.

    We aren't sure if we want more or not. I get very sick in pregnancies and I'm not sure we can handle the emotional trials of an adoption again. Although I did just read Love's post: that gave me pause. Definitely something to pray about.


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