Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hotel, Hospital, and Zoo!

I'm back! We are home from surgery! While I was in the hospital, blogger was blocked so I could not get on to update you all. The surgery was successful, she did well, the other girls did ok, and I survived too!

The girls had a blast at the hotel with dad! They swam lots and went shopping at a sporting good store with dad. Despite Meridian having a tough time sleeping during the night, Zoelle slept for 12 hours straight! Dad was a bit groggy, but I told him he was fine because I was up just that much that night with all the nurses checking in on Xiomara.

We got released yesterday and decided to go to a local zoo before we headed home. As you can tell Xiomara was so excited to see the Zebras, she promptly fell asleep!

Overall, we are glad it's over with and that Xiomara seems to be doing just great. We are home and back to life now. Today while the girls are napping, I'm blogging and doing laundry. Chris is outside cleaning our yard up, because despite not wanting winter to come, the air is getting much cooler and it's coming soon.

A big shout out to those of you who sent me facebook messages, or emailed me words of encouragement or prayers! I so appreciate you as it helped me stay calm!

Now, I'm off to do my laundry! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I'm so glad her surgery went well!

    P.S. Can you send a little of that cold weather our way? It was 100 degrees here today! That's just not right. ;)

  2. I'm happy it went well too Stephanie! Thanks so much for thinking of us! By the way, I will gladly send you cold weather as long as you send us some heat! :) Maybe we should just switch?? Hehe! :) Oh and it was about 55 degrees here today! What a difference, huh?


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