Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I had an amazing weekend at home this Labor Day Weekend. In the past, I've been doing this

But this year, we sold our camper in an effort to get serious about our debt (thanks Dave Ramsey) and we stayed home. To be honest with you, I had a bad attitude about it. I LOVE camping! I so desperately wanted to camp this summer and kept praying God would miraculously drop a camper into our laps. Or umm..back yard. It obviously never happened, and looking back on it, I'm ok with it.

So this weekend, we had one of those relaxing weekends where we didn't really "do" anything, yet we still accomplished lots. On Friday, I took the girls out to my parents house while Chris went out to eat with my dad and younger brothers. My sister and her little girl (whom I still need to blog about) showed up and we all had a blast just talking, snuggling our babies, and freezing some food. Saturday, Chris let me sleep in while he took care of the girls. Then we just hung out together and cleaned out our garage a bit before winter. Sunday we had church and then an impromptu gathering with my family which was more fun! Sunday and Monday gave Chris a chance to work a little bit more on our kitchen renovation which is almost done and looking so beautiful!

Then on Monday, this little girl

turned two months old. We have yet to officially get a smile on camera, but the picture above shows the start of one. At two months old, she still loves to sleep lots. She also likes to be held and snuggled, so we do a lot of that. 

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend. It wasn't what I would have planned and I still would have loved to go camping, but then I would have probably missed out on the great bonding and relationships that were further cemented this weekend. So when I look at it that way, it was good to stay home. Maybe next year we can get back to camping.

What did you do this weekend? Do you ever go camping?


  1. We also had a big weekend in - and are also in the midst of our total money makeover. Any time you'd like to chat about it, I'd love to talk to someone else in the trenches. :)

  2. We did the same as you! I have been fighting a nasty cold so we just stayed low. Monday we did a little work on the main floor bathroom, new mirror and light fixture. Sunday my hubby took 1 boy to church, the other sick boy and I stayed home. I napped, hubby played with boys outside...ya know just stuff. Oh-Saturday we had a birthday party for Ethan at CEC in Fargo, forgot about that, lol FUN times with a head cold for sure :)
    We LOVE to camp, we are tent campers and it's a blast! I grew up camping and having 2 boys it's something I want them to experience and LOVE as well :)

  3. Mandy-I think I remember you talking about following Dave. I'd love to talk about it. We are serious about it, but can't really do much with the debt we have right now. It's sort of frustrating that way.

    Salena-Sounds like a nice weekend, except the cold! ;) Hope you are feeling better now. We used to have a tent, but lost it somehow?? Honestly have no idea where it ended up. Plus hubby says never again will he tent camp after using a pop-up. Sigh! :)


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