Sunday, May 18, 2014

On Your 7th Birthday (A Letter to Zoelle)

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, funniest, kindest, sensitive, yet spirited seven year old girl I know!

Writing that number "7" out, I'm in disbelief! It is quite unfathomable to me that the day you were born was seven years ago! I spent most of today reflecting on what I was doing seven years ago at this time. You asked me to tell you the story of your birth again and I don't think I will ever tire of telling you. Your birth gave me a title that I forever will cherish and love: mama

You are growing up! Right before our very eyes, you have matured this year. Tonight, we were at a wedding and as I glanced over at you, I saw you had your legs crossed like a grown up and were intently reading the wedding program. All of a sudden you were 21, not 6 going on 7. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure it will go that fast too. Today I'll be writing out your birthday letter for your 7th birthday, and tomorrow I'll be writing one for your 21st!

This year, I watched as your two front teeth fell out and were replaced with grown up ones....and just like that you were grown up too! I've watched you work hard in everything you do. You don't love violin as it is challenging, yet I watch you work hard to make sure you do your best. Piano is a favorite of yours, and you spend hours practicing and even teaching your little sisters. You still love school, although for the first time, math is a challenge. Multiplication does that to a person, yet you don't let it stop you. Your determination to understand things in admirable! You love to sing, and have the clearest on-pitch voice for your age. This year you even had a little solo at your choir concert. You beamed with pride when you finished and your dad and I were smiling from ear to ear too. You love to read and pile your bed with books each night before you go bed so you can read yourself to sleep. Your voracious love of learning sometimes has me scratching my head, or scrambling to find the answers to your questions. "Mom, what is Antarctica like? Mom, what is the moon made out of? Mom, what is assassination? Mom, how does it rain? Mom, what do you think heaven is like?"  The questions are never ending and so many times I don't have the answers so we go off to the library to search for a book that does. I love that! Don't even stop asking questions Z, it is what makes you smart and it makes you learn & think about others.

At 7 you still love the color blue, but have decided that you may just possibly like green too! Your favorite food to eat is macaroni and cheese (gluten free of course). You love going camping, to the zoo, and riding the carousel. A highlight of your year is the local county fair! You like playing for hours outside on your bike, trampoline, and imaginary play with your sisters. You spend a good portion of your day singing (Frozen is all the rage right now). You love to help cook and bake with us in the kitchen. When you grow up, you want to be a doctor (and I don't doubt that you will).

I'm so proud of the young girl you have become! You truly are amazing! The kindness you show to others has me wanting to do the same with others in my life. Daily you make us laugh and there is nothing better than your laugh. It is the cutest belly laugh, especially when followed with that beautiful smile of yours that lights up your pretty blue eyes! Keep laughing, loving, and showing kindness to others this year sweet Zoelle Grace. We love you! Happy 7th birthday!!

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