Thursday, May 22, 2014

My 1st Stitch Fix Review

About a year ago, I started seeing a few fellow blogging friends post about something called Stitch Fix. The posts I saw had all these incredibly cute clothes and my blog friends were bragging about not even having to go to a store to shop for them. I was intrigued and immediately checked it out. Was it really as easy as they said? Pay $20 for a styling fee, fill out a detailed personal style profile, received 5 hand-picked items, keep what you like, return the rest.

I checked it out, read a few more reviews, and talked to Chris what he thought about it. His response, "I'm sure you'll end up wanting to buy all the clothes and right now we just don't have the money for it, so I think we should skip it." I thought a little bit about what he said, and did a little more research, and then decided to not sign up at that time. A couple of months ago, I was getting sick of my wardrobe and the fact that if I want to buy any new clothes, I had to buy them at Target or drive at least an hour away and spend gas money and out to eat money. In the long run, I started realizing that Stitch Fix would be a way for me to get stylish clothes, save money, and not have to shop with 3 busy girls. So, after over a year of agonizing over it, I decided to give it a try!

The box came when I wasn't home and Chris sent me a text saying, "Look what came!" Eek, I was so excited and could hardly wait to get home to this!

Right away I felt very pampered just with the packaging. Next, I found a note from my personalized stylist welcoming me to Stitch Fix and telling me how much fun she had looking at my Pinterest board for clothing ideas! This was definitely better than going to the store, and trying to contain three girls within 5 feet of me!

Then, when I opened my box,  my heart fluttered as I saw the first piece at the top of my box. I may have fallen in love right then, and said a quick prayer, "Please let this fit"! I pulled out each individual item and laid them on my bed.

Item #1: Just Black Adora Ankle Length Colored Skinny Jean: $78

I have never spent more than $30 for a pair of jeans in my life and the only pair of skinny jeans I have ever bought were a size too big, but I bought them anyway because they were on the clearance rack for $7. So knowing that, I was a bit hesitant with these from the start. I LOVED the color, but skinny is not what I would describe my body. I tried them on and loved the feel of them! They were definitely fitted, and I immediately regretted not working a bit harder this past winter to lose 10 extra pounds! When my hubby looked at them, he thought they were too tight. We disagreed over this, but ultimately I decided to pass on these as I couldn't justify spending that much on a pair of jeans that may have been a little tight.

Item #2: Honey Punch  Layla Striped Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan: $48

I saw this and was immediately in love! Also, if you could feel it through the computer, you would be amazed at how soft the whole shirt was, not just the patches, but every part of it! It was a tiny bit big on me, but I feel like cardigans typically are and I can pair this with so many different outfits (and wear it any season) that this was undoubtedly a keep for me!

Item #3: Sweet Rain Krista Heart Print Tank Top: $48

I rarely ever wear tank tops alone as I have keratosis pilaris that I am working hard on curing, but in the meantime, I have red, bumpy upper arms. Thus, I never wear tank tops alone. But I figured I could maybe pair this up with a nice light sweater, or even a jean jacket and could wear it. However, as soon as I put it on, I noticed a small rip in the shirt. Thankfully, when I contacted Stitch Fix, they immediately offered to make it right and give me 15% off if I wanted to keep the shirt. I did think about it, but ultimately it just really wasn't my style and I felt it did fit a tiny bit snug across my chest, so I passed on it.

Item #4: Papermoon Wynn Arrow Print Front Pocket Blouse: $48

I loved the design on this blouse! I also loved how it was sheer so it would be a perfect shirt to wear this spring with a light tank underneath. However, when I put it on, it was just a little snug (what's up with that?) and it just kind of hung on me without any sort of shape to me. It seemed a bit "mom like" in appearance, so ultimately, I decided to pass.

Item #5: Ezra Ellyse Floral Print Flutter Sleeve Dress: $48

This one was on the top of my box when I opened it and I'm quite certain I let out a little shriek when I saw it. It is SO me!! I seriously heart dresses, especially in the summer. I also have quite a few weddings & special occasions to attend this summer and I needed a nice dress. My first impression when I put it on was that it seemed a bit short. However, it wasn't so short that it was inappropriate. I also noticed that the style guide that comes with it showed a belt with the dress. I searched my box, but was unable to find one. I once again contacted Stitch Fix and they offered me 15% off for this. I definitely wanted to keep this dress and figured I could pair it with a belt I already owned, so this one was a keep!

Overall, I only kept 2 items out of my 5, yet I felt very happy with what I kept! I spent a total of $68.80 which I was very happy with being that a typical dress that I would buy would be at least that. Also, the cardigan was such quality, that it was well worth the money spent! I decided it was definitely worth it to try it again, so I already signed up for my next fix. Next time I promise to take pictures of me in the items! Somehow I never did that this round and it isn't quite the same with them on a bed, but I promise you, they are great!

Have you joined Stitch Fix yet? Interested in doing so? I'd love to have you sign up under me here, and come back and share with me what you thought of your fix.

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