Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kindergarten Homeschool Update

Now that we are half way through the school year, I thought I better do an update on our homeschool year.

If you remember correctly, we originally had Zoelle signed up for a local private school, then about a week before school was to start, several factors made us change our decision and so we ended up homeschooling Zoelle. If you missed that post, you can read all about our decision here.

I was so nervous going into a major decision like that with my Zoelle who seemingly fights with me on everything! I poured my heart out last spring with all of you on how hard parenting can be with her. So to make a decision to have her at home, when if I'm honest, most days I need a break, it scared me! I remember even telling Chris that if I call him everyday crying and telling him I can't do it, that we will be sending her to school.

The first week started, and I was pleasantly surprised that she did well. Really well. Well, the school part I wasn't surprised on, she has always loved school and loves to learn. It was the not fighting with mommy part that shocked me! She did her work, actually begged for it and loved it the whole time! The real test for her and me, would be when it got too cold out to go outside to burn energy. In the past, winter is the hardest for both her and I. We pretty much are twins in our personality!

As much as I prayed we would have a winter like last year, I knew most likely it wouldn't happen, so when it came, I braced myself for changes in Zoelle. Instead, she kept right on with a positive attitude about school and towards me. Each day she begs me to learn. If I can't sit and do school with her, she is working on her own workbook, practicing her piano, or reading.

A few weeks ago, she came up to me and told me, "Mom did you know three, seven times, is 21?". I was astounded! We have done some adding and subtraction, but never had I taught her multiplication. So I tested her a bit more. "What are five, fives Zoelle". "Umm...25", she answered after a few moments of thinking! After asking her several other multiplication problems, that she answered correctly, we realized she just is gifted in math (she has since gone through 3 math books). She loves math and reading and I'm ok with that as those are two things absolutely necessary in life.

She also loves choir! She is in a local community kids choir and while her teacher did pull me aside at the beginning of the year asking me if she was just extremely shy or hated choir (to which I assured it is the former), she really came out of her shell and loved her very first choir concert.

Another thing she loves is her piano! I've been teaching her since last year and while last year started off slow, this year she has been teaching herself new songs during the week when she is supposed to be practicing her assignments. She can't seem to get enough of piano!

As for the little girls, I have yet to start any school with them. I tried the first few weeks of school, and they were more interested in playing then in doing any school. However, Meridian has shown some interest in the past few weeks and so I promised her with this new year, we would try.

If you are curious which curriculum we are using. Zoelle is using Little Hearts For His Glory while Meridian (and eventually Xiomara) will use Little Hands To Heaven. I still love them both and would highly recommend them!

Overall, I cannot believe I can say this, but homeschooling Zoelle has been the best decision we have ever made this year. She has really blossomed and our relationship has come almost full circle (although we still have our days). I'm very thankful I took a leap of faith and decided to homeschool her!

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  1. Awesome! Abram is the same way with piano, LOVEs it and is very good at it!


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