Thursday, January 24, 2013

Esio "Drinks On Us" Party {Christmas Recap}

Up until this past Christmas, I had never hosted a family holiday gathering at our house! Mainly because we had too small of a home to host the size of our families! However, this year Chris threw out to me the thought of hosting his mom's side of the family at our home, so she didn't have to worry as much about it. Oddly enough, the thought of hosting family at our home appealed to me as normally we have about a thousand Christmases to go to and by the end we are tired, our kids are tired, and everyone is extra crabby! Thus, I hosted Christmas.

We cleaned the house, picked out the food, the tree was filled to the brim with presents, and the Christmas music played softly! The family came right on time, and soon our home was filled with laughter, noise, and love!

In order to not put so much pressure on cleaning our home and doing all the cooking, I had each family member bring a side dish to share. As for the drinks, I had it covered with a punch, and our new Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System.

As the owner of another brand of single serve coffee machine, I was excited to test out the Esio and see if it performed the task!

When my husband took it out of the packaging, I will admit I was very surprised at it's size. I didn't expect it to be so large and definitely felt like it would be better suited for either an office, or a house with lots of kitchen counter space. Now I was appreciative of the fact that it fit under our cupboards, so it didn't have to stick out. It holds a ton of water (1.85 gallons to be exact)! This is nice because when you are hosting a party, it has enough water for a lot of your guests to use it. After you fill it with water, you can use the cold beverage setting right away. Just pick out which E-Pak you want, take the foil tamper seal off the end, open the door and place your pack in, and close the door. Then just make sure your cup is centered and choose the strength of your beverage. Lastly, just press and hold until your cup is full. You do the same with a hot beverage except using the hot press-to-pour button. It's literally as easy as that!

When you are done with your choice of beverage, remove your E-Pak and be assured that it will not spill, even though you have opened it (trust me we tried squeezing, shaking it upside down, etc.). Then the next person can fill up whatever they want using whichever Esio E-Pak they want!

I was very impressed with the taste of the coffee drinks, as were our guests. Chris' Grandma was raving about what a great, strong, coffee it made as I was drinking my nice mild coffee! That is the joy of choosing your strength of drink! I let the girls try a bit of the apple juice and while they loved it, I have to say as a mom I was disappointed that it wasn't 100% juice. In fact, looking at many of the other E-Pak cold drinks, they were made out of ingredients that I would probably rather not serve my kids. However, we rarely have anything to drink outside of water!

Overall, it definitely was a hit, it was fast to make a cup of whatever drink you would love, and it was easy! I only wish it was just a bit smaller and that they offered juice drinks with 100% juice!

If you want to connect with Esio, be sure to check out their Facebook page and keep up with everyday happenings over on Twitter.

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