Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This love is ours

This love of ours looks so different to many on the outside, but then again, maybe it isn't so strange to some.

Someone asks, "Who does the cooking?" and I normally respond with a sheepish, "He does, or we cook together." all while you respond about how much you enjoy cooking and that it isn't just for the wife to do.

Most of the time, every other week, you help me clean the house. Of course you have enlisted our oldest to help now, but still, scrubbing the toilets definitely is love.

Sometimes late at night, just so I don't have to get up in the morning to a mountain of laundry, you will sit with me at the kitchen table and fold clothes as we laugh and talk through a task that otherwise would be daunting.

We dance a dance of laughter, love, and yes, sometimes even tears.

There are words spewed back and forth in fits of selfishness. These are normally followed by the tender, whispered moments of, "I'm sorry."

This love of ours has no chains of submission because we look to the beginning and see where God has called us to submit to one another. It's not wife submitting to husband, or husband submitting to wife, but rather we serve God together as one equal unit.

You listen to my dreams and I try my hardest to help you fulfill yours. You put up with my maniac researching, talking, and ranting. You smile when you hear someone describe me as effervescent! I listen to the passion in your voice and the ideas that you have that I realize very few get to hear. I smile when I hear someone describe you as shy.

It's far from perfect, but somehow through it all we find ourselves back in each other's arms, clinging to the promise of tomorrow.

This love is ours babe...and I cherish each moment I have. Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Such a sweet tribute! I have a husband who cooks + cleans too! Isn't it wonderful? :)


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