Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Things I Love About My Big Sister On Her 30th Birthday

My big sister turns 30 today. I've been wanting to write this post to her for a long time, but every time I sit down to write it, I get teary and my brain locks up just thinking of so many memories with her. I'm truly not sure I can communicate with words how much I love and appreciate her. I'm trying my best though with 30 things I love about her.

1. You make me laugh. You have since day one I'm pretty sure and I love that!
2. You have stood up for me even when no one else around me did.
3. You may be just as crazy, strange, odd, and effervescent as I am! ;)
4. My favorite memories are when we made up a "knocking code" between our rooms. I would look forward to hearing your knock each night.
5. Of course memories of hiking in the woods/fields, and swimming together are at the front of my mind as well.
6. I have looked up to you my whole life and I'm proud of it. You are a pretty amazing person to look up to.
7. You are just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.
8. You gave me my precious niece India.
9. You are very crafty. There really is not a thing you can't do.
10. I LOVE when we sing together. Pretty sure our voices were meant to perfectly harmonize.
11. You are always creative. Whenever I need an idea on something, I go to you.
12. It has been so much fun to be mommies together with our little girls. Something I will cherish forever.
13. I love listening to you play piano and sing.
14. Your endurance to stay healthy/exercise has pushed me to do the same in my life.
15. You ran a 5K alongside me to encourage me, with a babe strapped on you...pretty awesome if you ask me! :)
16. You love my girls as if they are your own. This makes me cry (in a good way).
17. The love and compassion you have for people is incredible!
18. You are an example to me of showing love to everyone no matter what and not judging.
19. I know that no matter what, I can always trust you.
20. You married Dallas, who is a perfect guy for you and a pretty awesome brother-in-law.
21. You have challenged my thinking on many things. Challenge is good.
22. I have learned so much spiritually from you.
23. You are a great writer. I've learned a lot from your blog this year.
24. You encourage me constantly whether you know it or not.
25. I love your enthusiasm for life! It is contagious!
26. You are always the life of the party!
27. You love India with everything in you and I've been so proud to watch you be mama to her. You do a beautiful job!
28. You make a perfect big sister to 12!
29. You give of yourself freely.
30. I love that you are my big sister!

I love you Genevieve! Have an amazing birthday!! By the way, I'm glad you turn 30 before me so you can tell me what it is like! ;)

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