Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zoelle's New Adventure

Zoelle has taken on a new adventure this fall. It is something she has begged me for a long time to be able to do. Typically, I would not start her so young, but because she was asking and because I figured it could fit as part of our homeschooling, I said yes.

The adventure: piano lessons.

I teach piano lessons each week to about a dozen students. I've been teaching for eight years now, after taking lessons for eleven years or so. I teach children of any age and in the past, I've even taught adults. I do think piano comes a bit easier for children when they can read the instructions themselves, but being that I am her mom and teacher, I decided to go ahead and start with Zoelle.

She has a 15 minute lesson every week and she beams that entire time! It has been so much fun for Chris and I to see the joy on her face and her talent in piano come forth this year. I'm looking forward to seeing where she goes with this and if that joy stays. Remember I've taught for a long time and took lessons myself, so I know that most likely there will be a time that she doesn't love it. Thus I'm capitalizing on today!

We have also been talking lately about having Zoelle start violin lessons. Chris took violin lessons for years and plays quite well, although no one really knows because he is pretty shy about it. We haven't made an official decision on when exactly she will start violin, but we do know that our girls will all learn piano and violin since we both have that ability to teach them.

Where they go from there in their musical abilities is up to them. I only know it will be fun to see where the future leads them and cheer along with them as they all begin these new adventures.

Did you play an instrument growing up? Do your kids play anything? If so what?


  1. I only played the Clairnet for a few years in elementary school. Ethan plays the piano now. I WISH I knew how to play, someday I will start lessons too, it's one of those "something I want to do before I die" kinda thing.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about that "something you want to do before you die". There are two instruments that are a MUST for me to learn one day: bagpipes and harp. just laughed didn't you?!? I know I'm silly, but I just would love to learn both!


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