Monday, July 18, 2011

These are the days of summer...

I've been pretty quiet lately. The reason? I've been struggling. To be honest, I went back and forth about whether or not I even wanted to post this post, but I figured being completely real here on my blog is what I need for not only myself, but also what others need.

We are smack dab in the middle of summer. I love summer! The humidity, the heat, the sand on my feet, the swimming, the lake, the pool, eating outside, the fruits, the veggies, going on walks, and I could go on and on. I love it all! Every bit of it.


And that is when I begin to panic. It's half over.

I'm trying to take every advantage of it, but in the back of my mind I keep thinking it's almost over. And then I panic and cry a little at the thought of it being almost done.

This is what my face looks like in the winter! :(

While I don't hate winter, I don't exactly love it. I like snow, but not in huge amounts and to be honest I think I would be perfectly happy if it was 70 degrees through the winter months and then in the summer hot, hot, and more hot!

If I'm truthful, it is becoming more clear to me that I want to move. I'm finding myself extremely restless in our small house as our family grows, and also in our small town. But we can't move. There is such a thing as Chris' job. I do believe though that if the opportunity ever presented itself to me, I would move in a heartbeat. 

Sigh...I love this!

So instead I'm enjoying summer, praying for a short and warm winter, and praying that maybe just maybe, somehow we could go on a family vacation to someplace warm in the dead of winter! So if I'm quiet around here, it's because I'm enjoying the days and really trying not to focus on winter.

Do you like where you live? If you want to move but can't, how do you stay content?


  1. I feel you on a small house feeling smaller in the winter. With three children and winters that aren't the best for long days outside this house feels tiny in the winter.

  2. I dream about moving all the time! I remind myself of the good things here, such as my family and in laws. And I make plans for the future. Maybe do something for yourself, like take a class, or try out a new hobby? Maybe join a gym with childcare?

    I also dread and hate winter. Summer means joy for me. When spring comes around and it starts to warm up, I feel like hope is returning. I went on vacation to Mexico recently and it's beautiful there year round. PERFECT weather. Wish I could move there!

  3. Laurie-Thanks for understanding. I think sometimes it just helps to know that someone else knows what it is like too! :) Hopefully we can both survive our winter!

    Camilleta-What a great attitude to have! I need to remember to be thankful for what I have around here. Good idea about taking a class or trying a new hobby. I may just do that. I just know I need to get out this winter or I'll go insane! Oh and you put it perfectly about summer meaning joy! That is exactly how I feel about it! :) Mexico sounds lovely!! :) I'll move too! ;)

  4. Hey, it's hard! Sometimes I feel like our house is just too small and secluded and I'm going to go INSANE! And it's twice as bad in the winter. But I just discovered and I'm looking for a good playgroup to join so maybe that will help. =)

  5. I am not a huge summer fan like you but winter does get long here. 3 years in a row we left in March to somewhere warm, this year we did not and I struggled very badly. So I think saving money so we can skip town in March is just what we have to do, it REALLY helps!!!
    And I like it here in FF, have no desire to leave anytime soon.

  6. I've never heard of Camilleta! Thanks, I'll check it out!

    Salena-Bad year to not leave, huh? Good idea to skip town each year. Do you bring your boys with too?

  7. No way! In the past it has just been Steven and I. One year we went to Missouri, they get Spring WAY sooner than us, then Puerto Rico, then last year it was Cabo San Lucas. We do go somewhere local(In MN) for my birthday each year, which is the end of January so the boys get a little break from the winter blues.

  8. All those trips sound so nice Salena! Once I am done nursing, we plan on doing a yearly trip just Chris and I, and hopefully taking the girls with every once and awhile too!

  9. Yep, our first trip wasn't until I was done nursing too. :)

  10. Glad I'm not the only one. I think sometimes people think I should wean just in order to go on trips. I say this is such a short period of my life, when I am done nursing I will have years for going on trips with the hubby! Thanks for your thoughts and support Salena! :)

  11. Remind me where you live again? I presume it's somewhere with long winters?

    I wish you extra sunny days and an Indian Summer this year. Also: peace, contentment, and wisdom for the future.

  12. Stephanie-I'm pretty careful not to reveal exactly where I live, but it is a state up north with longer winters! :( Thanks for the wishes!! They brought a smile to my face! :)


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