Thursday, July 21, 2011

I hate change and goodbyes!

I'm not a big fan of change and I hate goodbyes. This week I had both in my life.

Our dear next door neighbor Ann decided it was time to move closer to her children. Ann is in her 70's (doesn't she look great?), she loves to garden, is always on the go, and she loves my girls. My girls in return love her.

We moved into our house close to eight years ago when we first got married. It didn't take long for us to get to know Ann. She was always outside working in her gardens and so she would often help me, a brand new young married girl, learn how to garden. She also would can or make cookies and share them with us.

The best part of it all is that when the girls came along, she just loved them and treated them like a Grandma would. Often her and Zoelle would work together in her garden. The girls had free reign to ring her doorbell and then run away giggling knowing that Ann would laugh right along with them. On warm summer days, she would get out the ice cream and the ice cream cones and her and the girls would share a treat together!

It's been lonely here since she left. I feel as if I lost a friend, a Grandma of sorts. I'll miss Meridian and Zoelle running and saying "Hi Ann" whenever they saw her outside. I'll miss hearing her talk to herself as she gardens while I am sitting on my front porch. I'll just plain miss her.

Then I think to myself that I have the opportunity now to be an "Ann" to the new neighbors. To show them the same love and comfort that Ann gave all of us. It's a gift really and I hope I can pass it on just as graciously as Ann did to us.

Do you know your neighbors? How do you treat each other? Have you ever had to say goodbye to a neighbor you really loved?


  1. I have neighbors and I've talked to both of them, but for the most part they tend to keep to themselves. They're younger than me and seem to have a much more bar oriented social life than I do.

  2. Yeah I can see why you keep to yourself. It is hard when your neighbors are very different from your life. Most of our neighbors are either elderly or young families. It's nice that way!

  3. It sounds like you were both good neighbors to each other. I hope someone equally as wonderful moves into her house.

    P.S. You look great in pink!

  4. Thanks Stephanie, that pink shirt is o.l.d.! ;) We were both great neighbors to each other. She is dearly missed! I haven't had a chance yet to meet the new neighbors (as they are in and out), but I'm looking forward to returning the kindness!

  5. I can't get your blog to load at all for me :(

  6. Strange. You can comment, but it won't load?? Let me know if you get it work. Otherwise, I'll have to ask around and see if others are having the same problem!

  7. Must have been my work pc, can view it fine from home :)
    On Broadway we loved all our neighbors, here so as much. We have gotten to know them and most are good, a few are questionable, lol.
    On Broadway our elderly neighbor lady passed away, Ethan and I went to her funeral, very hard. we LOVED her stories of life, of life in the SAME house her whole married life, raising her daughters, life in FF...she was delightful!

  8. Glad you can see it now Salena!! :) Oh your neighbor on Broadway sounded just amazing! It's sometimes so sad when one passes on that you just adored, isn't it?

  9. This is one way in which we aren't alike...I like change and get really bored with humdrum. Although not as much now that I'm a mom; routine is more welcomed. :)

  10. Yeah I know, parenthood does change oneself a bit. Although, I do hate change, sometimes a little change is good! :)


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