Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Xiomara

Dear Xiomara,

I'm not ready for this day! At all! Pretty sure that if somehow I could avoid this day coming forever, I would. Today you turn one (or 12 months as Zoelle likes to tell you). It doesn't seem possible because it was just yesterday that we got the phone call from Clarissa (your birthmom's social worker) that you were on your way. It was just yesterday that we met you for the first time. It was just yesterday that we fell in love with our little girl. And now yesterday is today and today you are one.

I don't have a birth story for you. Not really. Instead, just an adoption story. But really it's not just an adoption story. It is far greater than that. It is a story of love, sacrifice, and courage. One that your birthmom "J" took in placing you into our arms. One that we took in trusting God to place you in our arms. I'm thankful that both of us said yes one year ago today.

At one you can crawl and keep up with your sisters, you pull up on furniture, you stand in a middle of a room until you flop back onto your little butt. You can say mama, dada (which you say constantly), you can say banana (nana), you say num-num when you eat food, you wave and say hi, you wave goodbye, you sign all done, you sign more, and you clearly shake your head for no if you don't like/want something, or shake it yes if you do. You love to dance and clap your hands! I'm still not quite used to you sitting up like a big girl. You are still an excellent napper and night sleeper (I just wish you would snuggle with us more, but you love your crib). You love to swim! Even though you are tiny, you LOVE food (that you chew with your tiny two front teeth)! One of my most treasured memories will be of God giving me the ability to nurse you. You love it and I enjoy looking down into your big brown eyes and chocolatey skin and memorizing every little thing about you as you get nurished by your mama.

Oh how I love you little girl! More than you will ever know! As silly as it sounds, sometimes I feel as if my heart could burst from the love I have for you! The best word to describe you is joy! I never could have guessed in a million years how much joy you would bring to our family. You smile constantly! You giggle often! You rarely cry! The whole family is happier with you in our lives!

The joy and happiness you bring is sure to draw others into both you and the Lord. Your dad and I pray over your little body often that God would use your joy and hapiness for His glory. How fun that will be to see! But for now, stay little just a little longer, giggle those little squealy giggles just a bit more, and be our little girl forever.

Happy 1st birthday Xiomara Marie! I love you!!


Feel free to share any jewels or treasures in your comments to me. :)