Saturday, June 11, 2011

Xiomara's First Tooth

What a crazy week it has been! I've been pretty absent from blogging. That is a combination of lots of things. Not being home much, being outside all the time when I am home, and Xiomara getting her first tooth!

At exactly 11 months, our little girl got that first bottom tooth. It is sharp! Very sharp! Ask me how I know? Yep, my darling has been biting while nursing. Ouch! It makes for a very miserable week of nursing. The other girls were not very big biters, so I am not used to it! In addition to her one tooth that is in, she has a second that is close to coming up. She also hasn't wanted to sleep much for her afternoon naps, thus I get no time to blog (as I typically blog during nap time). Thankfully, she is still sleeping at night, and for her morning nap!

Either way, it is a reminder to me that while she is small, she is still growing up fast and we have just a little less than a month until her 1 year old birthday. I can hardly believe it! Am I the only mom who feels that time keeps going faster with each child?

I'm off for the afternoon to enjoy our local town parade, the warm weather, and family! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hopefully I will be back next week!

When did you little one get his/her first tooth? Any natural remedies for teething pain? What are your weekend plans?


  1. Love her little dress! So cute! Hope you enjoyed SummerFest :-) Did you guys go through the parade to advertise for your businesses?

  2. Dress-Target Clearance! I LOVE Target Clearance! ;) We did have fun at SummerFest! Perfect weather for it! Chris did go through it with my dad. The girls and I got all the candy and ate it! ;)

  3. Frozen washcloths, frozen waffles, and Hyland's teething tablets. =) I love that dress, and what a beautiful smile!!!!

  4. My oldest didn't teeth until he was one and nothing helped him really. My oldest daughter didn't get teeth until she was about 18 months old and it didn't bother her at all. Soo...I'd go with the frozen washcloths.

  5. Ethan was 6 months old, Abram about 8 months. I never used anything for them...I am not a big medication fan so we just went with it. Peggy from WIC told me to let Abram gnaw on a frozen washcloth for relief.

  6. Camillete-Never thought of the frozen waffles! I bet she would love that! Thanks for the idea!! :)

    Laurie-18 months for the first teeth! Wow! I thought 11 months was late! Frozen washcloths it is! ;)

    Salena-I'm not a big medication fan either, so I'll hold off. Good to know Peggy's opinion. I trust her a lot as she has helped me many times with nursing!


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