Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friendship Festival {Experiencing Different Cultures}

We live in a small town. Being in a small town we get very few cultural experiences. The majority race is caucasian and the primary language spoken is English. However, go just 17 miles away and you will experience a small town filled with different cultures: Somalian, Mexican, Bosnian, German, Scandinavian, Vietnamese, American, and many more. It is because of this small town that we have chosen Spanish as our girl's second language. That and the fact that soon English will not dominate as the world language.

Each year they have a festival that celebrates the many cultures, but one community that they have. It is a way for each culture to share their heritage with the other cultures.

For our family, it is a way to expose us all to a different lifestyle, food, music, and crafts. They offer food, music, face painting, a marketplace and world craft experience, flags of the world, and our girl's favorite, the piñatas.

Even though it is something small and it's only one day, I feel as if I am giving the girls a gift. A gift of culture, a gift of language, and a gift of a different world. It is a gift I will never regret!

Do you have any cultural festivals near where you live? Have you ever been to one?


  1. Culture is everything here in Hawaii...people are always have mixed races and there is no shame in celebrating your culture!
    definitely on of the best things about hawaii

  2. I remember the first Friendship Festival PR had. My dad was a realtor up there and felt it was important to go, so we did. It was held in the gym and there were lots of yummy food and my parents did the polka. Very memorable!

  3. Sonya-That would be so awesome to have such a love of culture. I have been to Hawaii once and I loved it!

    Rachel-What an awesome memory! :) Up until 3 years ago, I had never heard of it! I'm so glad we have been going ever since. It is so much fun!

  4. What a fun festival!

    How are you teaching your girls Spanish? Do you and your husband speak the language? I'd love to hear more about that.

  5. Right now Stephanie we are using Little Pim. In the future, I will switch to Rosetta Stone. Unfortunately, Chris and I speak very little Spanish. However, I am determined to learn along with them and at least expose them to the language. It is of course, my desire for them to become bilingual, but I realize that will take a lot of work on our part. I think I'm still figuring out as I go along, how to teach them! :)


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