Friday, June 24, 2011

Kidorable Hooded Towel Review

With summer officially here, it seems that we are always outside either swimming, playing, or just enjoying life outside. Typically this also means that my girls are getting more dirty! If they get dirty, wet, or cold, they are always asking for a towel to clean up with.

Thus I turned to Kidorable, whom I have worked with before, and found their hooded towel.

Let me just say that this towel is adorable! I love the Lotus Flower design that we got and of course my girls loved it too!

I also loved that it came with a little clear carrying case. This makes it much easier to travel with and keep clean when not in use. Another favorite feature is that you can snap the towel closed around the child in order for the towel to stay on and keep them warm. Zoelle and Meridian loved the towel, but when I asked if I could take their picture with it, neither one of them wanted to. Being that it was too big for Xiomara, I ended up not getting any pictures of the girls with the towel. However, I can say it worked great on them and they love it!

I thought the quality of the towel was great! I've even washed it and it stayed in the same fantastic condition it came in. It was soft, and had plenty of room for a child to use.

Buy It!

If you are in need of a great towel to use this summer, I highly suggest taking a look at Kidorable and all the wonderful towels they have! If you can wait a little bit before ordering and order July 1-5, you can get free shipping on any order over $50 using the code: JULY4TH22

*Kidorable provided me with this monitor and asked me to share my honest opinion on the product.

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