Thursday, November 11, 2010

5K Registered & Need Tips

Gulp....I just registered for my first 5K. I have butterflies in my tummy already. Can I really do this? Run 3.1 miles straight?

This picture was taken after our first 5 minute run that we thought we could never do!

Today I finished up Week 8 of From Couch to 5K and I have to say that I felt good. Good to have run for 28 minutes straight. Good to know that I have run for 8 weeks straight (except one week break of vacation, and one week break of bad weather).

I have no set time I want to master when I run. Instead, my plan is to just try and run the whole thing. I just want to be able to proudly say that I ran a 5K. I am a slow runner. I know that! As of now, I am going just 2 miles in 28 minutes. It's by no means fast, but I keep reminding myself that I just started running and to not worry about a time.

So now I need help from you, my blog readers. What are your tips for running a 5K? What should I wear (it's suppose to be around 32 degrees and maybe snow that day)? What should I eat before the race? Any other helpful tips?


  1. -Dress in layers and plan to shed some if needed.
    -Eat a banana or something light morning of.
    -PRAY! You can and will do this!

  2. Layers-If I have a long sleeve shirt with a fleece vest will that be okay?
    Thanks for the banana tip!
    And yes, I will be praying!

  3. You might need another shirt under the LS one...better to be prepared than not.

  4. Good idea! I guess my big concern with wearing a vest is that I might get too hot, and can't really wrap a vest around me. But a jacket will probably definitely be too hot to even start with.


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