Sunday, November 14, 2010

My almost one and a half year old

It occurred to me the other day while looking back on my blog that I haven't talked lately about Meridian. She is soon to be one and a half. If I could, I'd stop time with her now as this is such a neat season in her life. But then I'm sure the next stage will be just as fun, just as memorable.

My sweet little, tomboy is still all boy. She loves to climb on top of her sisters and bounce. Yes, she even does this to Xiomara, thus Xiomara is very rarely left on the floor. She loves to climb on chairs, tables, stairs, and anything else she thinks she can as long as she can get one foot up. The only time we find her not being all boy is when she is pushing her stroller around the house, with a purse slung over her shoulder. Everytime I try and get a picture of it though, she stops what she is doing and tries to charm me. She always likes to make us laugh!

She likes to do everything her big sister does. When big sister draws, Meridian draws right next to her until she decides the crayon tastes good. Speaking of can this girl eat. Often she eats more than her big sister, mom, and dad put together. Yet, she is still a little below average on the charts.  She smothers her little sister in kisses. She has her own little language and will often sit on the floor "reading" a book going: "bla-la-la, bla-la-la". Even though she doesn't have a lot of words, she communicates very well through pointing and little sounds, and she also signs using signs she has learned from Baby Signing Time.

Lately she has been waking up a bit earlier from nap time than the other girls. Being that she doesn't want to be set down on her own, I hold her and pretty soon I find myself singing and dancing with her as she snuggles in close to me. I love that time. Secretly I look forward to it each day and try to figure out how we will dance today and to which song.

This morning though I realized that my favorite time with her is early in the morning when she wakes up and dad brings her to bed with me. She snuggles in close, her body curving around mine, and as she nurses I realize I don't have too many more mornings like this. She is growing, changing, not needing mom all the time anymore. Soon she will wean and I know the mornings of her coming to snuggle will be few and far between. So this morning while sneaking out of the room, I couldn't resist going and getting my camera, to get one last picture of her snuggled in my bed. So I can remember this moment in time and cherish my almost one and a half year old forever.


  1. Wait until she learns to climb trees!! That will get your heart pumping!! My kids miss our old tree! We have lots and lots of trees around here, but not one is climbable? They often remember the joy they had climbing the maple tree in front of our home. I told them that we will try to find another one again!

  2. Ahhh, what a sweet time in her life. I remember those days and they make me smile :)

  3. Charlene-You scare me! Eek! Your old tree is still there, and I believe the kids there now use it quite a bit. It definitely is a climbing tree. Sure do miss you and your kids!

    Salene-It is such a sweet time in her life (and really ours too). Chris told me tonight that he loved that post because it is so her. :)

  4. Oh honey, you've got me all teary-eyed here! My daughter Arianna is just about the same age, and MAN! it's hard to see them getting so big and independent. I too try to enjoy the quiet snuggles and morning milkies as much as I can.

  5. Oh they grow so quickly Sarah don't they? I often think how close in age Arianna and Meridian are. Wish we could be closer to each other so they could play! :)


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