Thursday, August 19, 2010

Under Construction

We are Under Construction! As a random, last minute, bored with all the rain we have been getting...Chris and I went to Home Depot last Saturday and came home with a new idea for a whole kitchen renovation! To start with, you should note that our kitchen is tiny! This whole project is cheap and will end up costing us very little money. In the seven years we have lived in this house we have updated every room (remove wallpaper, refinish floors, get whole new decor, etc.), and finished our upstairs. However, we haven't done much with the kitchen and don't ask us why as it is so easy and cheap to do we should have done it years ago. Well we did put a mini dishwasher in and found a great deal in our local paper on a stainless steel microwave (which we don't use-another story for another day there) and stove. Anyway, I wish I would have taken a before picture, but it never crossed my mind, so this will have to do! This is what our floors looked like before

Note: This is our bathroom floor currently, which is the same as what our old kitchen floors looked like. Bathroom floors will get updated eventually too. Chris took one look at this picture and told me that the bathroom floor was not the same as the kitchen. I feel foolish as I already don't remember what they looked like. Something like this I guess. Moving on then...

This is what the kitchen floors look like now

Awesome isn't it? Plus it hides the dirt on my kitchen floors oh so well! That alone has opened up our kitchen immensely and made it look so much better!  Well that and the new kitchen hardware. Tomorrow we are replacing these 70's countertops

with updated and hopefully nice laminate countertops!

We also have some cute mosaic glass tile backsplash that will be put in after that and I think that will complete the look! :) Well besides a new stainless steel fridge, which will probably have to wait. Unless you have one for sale and live close to me, then call me!

Can you tell I am excited?!?! I'll keep you updated as I go along.

In the meantime, also be on the look out for a new blog look here as I am in the process of a blog re-design and figuring out exactly what I want my blog to look like and to have in my blog. That makes me both scared and excited. Scared becuase I don't want to mess up on my over-all design and look that I have in my mind. Excited because I know my blog designer will do a fantastic job!

What about you, do you have a blog? Have you hired someone to design it for you or are you talented enough to do it on your own? Have you ever gone through a kitchen renovation? How did it go?


  1. So fun! I love kitchen re-dos! We renovated our kitchen (down to the studs, lol) when we moved into this house. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and we've really enjoyed it all. It had some 1950s wood paneled walls which we tore out and hung drywall (my hubs and dad did this). We tore out the cabinets and hung new ones (Kraftmaid from Home Depot, my dad and brother installed them as hubby was out of the country when they were delivered), laid down tile floor (hubby did the tile, I did the grout). Let's see, what else? Paint, countertops (wanted corian but it was over-budget so we're content with laminate for now), new light fixtures, new stove and microwave, old fridge and dishwasher. Love it, love it, love it. Although I hope I don't ever have to do a renovation THAT big while I'm living in the house again! ;)

  2. Lauren-I'm such an organized person that I never would have thought I'd like this, but it's a small enough space for me to see results right away. It sounds lik eyou did a ton! Did you do that before kids, or after?? It would be hard to do all that with kids around I'd think?

  3. Just Wild Man, and he was about a year old. It was pretty crazy washing dishes in the tiny bathroom sink for a couple of weeks. Cooking any and everything we ate that had to be cooked in the our living room, lol. It was nuts. We had our fridge out in our sunroom, and when we were tiling the floor, of course we couldn't walk across it. So we had to go outside and all the way around to the back of the house and in the back door to use the fridge, lol. But, we lived through it. ;) And I'm sooooo glad we did it when we did. I can't even imagine living in this house for any length of time with the kitchen the way it was when we bought it.

  4. Oh I cannot imagine washing dishes in a bathroom sink. Or cooking for weeks in the microwabe! You are amazing!! :)

  5. Tim does my blog design for me...and I am so grateful! We make a great team.

    In fact, we're working on a site re-design right now! Metropolitan Mama is getting a (much-needed) makeover. :)

  6. Lauren-That was suppose to say microwave, not wabe! :)

    Stephanie-How nice to have your hubby do it for you. And both of your sites always look so nice. You do make an awesome team! Can't wait to see the new, improved Metropolitan Mama! :)

  7. I have a blog. We did a kitchen renovation when we moved in, it was YUK before, check out my facebook for pics. I'd love all stainless steel appliances but those will have to wait...and I'd love to redo our floors as well.

  8. Salena, I love your renovation! It looks just great! I still haven't posted my update here as I need Chris to finish a few things and I like to have a completely finished kitchen before I update with pictures! :)


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